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Microtuning file generator

While our synths already include 25 non-standard tuning tables, as well as the regular equal temperament (a.k.a. "Default Tuning"), you can use this tool to create your own.
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Tuning offset calculator

Musical instruments are usually tuned to "concert pitch" at 440 Hz for the note A above middle C (MIDI note 69). Most of our synths have a fine tune parameter which lets you adjust an overall offset in cents (one semitone = 100 cent). You can use this calculator to determine the correct fine tune value for any source and target pitch.
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CVilization Ini-File Generator

If you want even more control over your CVilization module than is already offered, you can use this tool to change many settings and generate an ini-File to put said settings on your module.
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ACE automation conversion table

The list of parameters ACE reports to the host for automation used to be different between Mac and Windows versions. Version 1.4.1 fixed this, but now some parameters may become incorrectly automated in projects that were created using older Windows versions of ACE. This can be remedied by reassigning the parameters used in those projects.
To help with this, we have compiled a conversion table that you can download here.

Presswerk cross-platform VST2 ID fix

More information about the cross-platform ID problem can be found here.
Possible solutions for the cross-platform ID problem are outlined in this PDF document.

  • Download the File Converter tool here to update supported project files
    (Steinberg Cubase .cpr, Ableton Live .als, Presonus Studio One .song and .project, Cakewalk Sonar .cwp)
  • Download the copy/paste enabled VST2 version 1.1.1 with the old ID here

Prophet 5 to Repro-5 preset converter

This application converts Prophet 5 presets (revisions 1, 2 and 3) to Repro-5 preset files.
It can process MIDI System Exclusive files (.sysex, .syx) or 44.1 kHz WAV recordings of the Prophet's cassette output. This converter is based on utilities developed by David Clarke. Thank you very much, David, for sharing them with the world!
MacOS Mojave users: please read the compatibility note in the included readme.txt file.
Download the converter from here.