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Please enter the email address to which your licenses are registered:

If any licenses are registered to this email address, our system will send you a list of all related serial numbers, as well as download links for any registered soundsets. Should you not receive an email at all, or should licenses appear to be missing, then please check your spam folder and/or contact support.

About soundsets:

Soundsets are only added to our system at the beginning of each month.

This means a recently purchased soundset might not appear listed in your My Licenses email yet.

If you need to download a recently purchased soundset that is not listed in your My Licenses email yet, then please find the order confirmation email you received from MyCommerce after completing your purchase. The email contains a download link for your soundset, the link is valid for four weeks.

If you didn't receive an email from MyCommerce within 1-2 hours after completing the purchase, then please check if the email ended up in your your spam/junk/"promotional" folder. Should that not be the case, please contact us and we will help you out.

Got a Registration Code* for a u-he product?

If you purchased a u-he product from a reseller, click the button below to trade in the registration code* for an actual license and serial number.

* (Resellers may use other terms for this).

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