Retired u-he plug-ins

Retired plug-ins

Considering the many years u-he has been creating software, it should be no surprise that certain plug-ins have reached retirement age. Some were replaced by something newer, others by something better. Some simply outlived their usefulness.

These plug-ins are presented as-is, and will no longer be updated or supported.


Zoyd UI

Zoyd interface circa 2006

The synth that started it all.

In 2002, when Apple introduced Audio Units (AU), Urs realised that nobody was offering a decent GUI construction kit for plug-ins. While others discussed the general AU feature set, he created a quick and easy GUI toolkit called CAUGui.

CAUGui allowed Urs to create the first AU with a fancy custom user interface—Rumblence:pure. An incredibly buggy distortion plug-in. He subsequently developed Zoyd, one of the first ever AU synths. Zoyd never really left the beta stage, but apparently some people still use it now and again.

Note: 32-bit AU version only


LtmLab UI

LtmLab interface circa 2002

LtmLab is a very simple but fun drum machine, with a new set of samples and patterns supplied every month.

The original design was a Max/MSP device by Joker Nies, and the editor of the German magazine Sound & Recording asked whether u-he could convert it into a plug-in for both Mac and Windows.

LtmLab has 64 patterns in 8 banks, and up to 4 patterns can be linked to form a longer sequence. There are 8 instruments, with up to 16 steps per instrument. Each step includes accent, pan, volume and tune settings. Some instruments play an alternative sample instead of an accent (notably the hi-hat). To add variety or even weirdness, individual steps can play the sample in reverse.

Simple. Fun. It became a bit of a cult classic.

LtmLab is only available with back issues of Sound & Recording.