Repro soundsets - New sounds for Repro

Repro soundsets

New sounds for Repro

Repro already comes with a factory library bursting with a variety of sounds. But adding new soundsets expands your creative options and introduces new genres and styles. Top sound designers from around the world are creating Repro soundsets (for both Repro-1 and Repro-5) packed with useful and expressive leads, basses, percussion, sequences and more—watch this space.


Repro Soundset Bundle

Save by purchasing all our commercial soundsets for Repro at once!

You'll get more than 500 patches, diligently created by some of our favourite sound designers, in a collection that lets you harness the raw analogue power of Repro and add a wealth of retro character to your tracks.

From velvety electric pianos to funky disco sequences, from hammering monophonic basses to mean polyphonic stabs, from slowly developing drones to dominant leads - an inspiring journey through decades past.

This bundle includes the following soundsets:

That's 5 professional soundsets worth 139 € if purchased individually.


Repro Soundset Bundle

114 € 

Requires Repro version 1.1.2 (or newer).



With unmistakable influences from recent trends in Underground Hip-Hop and Dark Trap, Bricks is a modern, aggressive, lo-fi soundset for Repro-1 and Repro-5.

With its dusty basses, sombre pads and fractured leads, the urgency of this soundset is underscored by the Repro FX section’s ability to add authentic "wear and tear" to its analogue tones.

Bricks for Repro is NKS-ready, including audio previews.

Download the full list of presets and Read Me (PDF).



29 € 

Requires Repro version 1.1.2 (or newer).

Repro Bricks

Shearing Feedback Rhythm

A head-nodding, relentless excursion into post-Baroque breakbeat with Carnatic Indian influence. By Torley Link.

Underpass Exchange

Sinister with old-skool boom-bap flava. Steams to a boil before exploding on the underground stage. By Torley Link.

The Seduction of Wily Sands

Going down an abandoned amusement park's electrical main street, big trick energy with fractalized trap moments. By Torley Link.


Bass like a demonic dialtone, with an exotic keys passage midway through. By Torley Link.

Galactic Gratitude

Mad rush of a bassline and low-808 bangers meets tangent trance influence with some double-time footwork/juke vibe. By Torley Link.


75 dynamic percussion sounds for Repro-1 by Electric Himalaya

From deep analogue kicks and snappy snares to all manner of fantasy hits, RePercussion covers a wide spectrum of percussive instruments.

As an antidote to his other sound design duties, Electric Himalaya created this soundset soon after discovering how well suited Repro-1 is for classic analogue hits.

In his own words:
"Creating RePercussion was an almost cathartic endeavour. I thoroughly enjoyed making this collection of drums, percussive 'plinks' and 'bongs', and I hope you enjoy using them in your tracks!"

Download the full list of presets and Read Me (PDF).



20 € 

Requires Repro version 1.1.1 (or newer).

The sound of RePercussion

RePercussion Demo

Track by Electric Himalaya Link. Various styles and groove experiments showcasing the versatility of RePercussion.

RePercussion Slow Demo

A slow, dark and deep trip hop groove by Oddvar.

RePercussion Techno Demo

A raw and deep techno tune by Oddvar.

Smooth Rolla

Track by Torley Link. Melodic drum 'n' bass with a plethora of layers and lots of timbral transformations.


Track by Torley Link. An intricate beat exercise exploring many of the mod wheel possibilities and variations available.


128 millennial sounds for Repro-1 by The Unfinished

Taking advantage of Repro-1's stellar analogue modelling, advanced sequencing and lush effects, Renaissance focuses on punchy low end, crunchy leads and dynamic, driven riffs and basslines.

This soundset is unashamedly nostalgic for that late 90s / early millennial vibe, occasionally dipping its toes into Berlin School and Synthwave to add further colour.

Normally focused on synth programming for cinematic music, The Unfinished was inspired to create Renaissance while listening to the quintessential soundtracks for Psygnosis' futuristic racing game series, Wipeout.

Download the full list of presets and Read Me (PDF).



30 € 

Requires Repro version 1.1 (or newer).

The sound of Renaissance


Track by The Unfinished.


Track by Jonathan Van Den Wijngaarden.

Back In The Game

Track by Stephan Baer.


Track by Bina & Ju.

About the author

The Unfinished is a British composer, sound designer and producer. His synth programming work has been featured in Hollywood films (Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Mad Max: Fury Road), hit TV shows (Mr Robot, Manhunt: Unabomber, American Horror Story) and AAA game scores (Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Detroit: Become Human). He has worked with composers such as Jack Wall, Tom Salta, Paul Haslinger and Stephen Barton.



100+ funky sounds for Repro-1 and Repro-5 by Howard Scarr.

A collection of old school sounds inspired by Parliament-Funkadelic, The Gap Band, Midnight Star, and the many artists who embraced synthesizers in the Funk music scene of the '70s and '80s.

This set includes many a nod to keyboard visionaries such as Bernie Worrell, Stevie Wonder, George Duke, and others who discovered and refined the funky side of synthesis.

Funkstation consists of 100+ patches that provide all the classic ingredients: meaty basses, juicy leads, polyphonic stabs and pads… in fact everything you need to create some serious synth-funk.

Download the full list of presets and Read Me (PDF).



30 € 

Requires Repro version 1.1 (or newer).

The sound of Funkstation

Funkstation Medley

Main demo of Funkstaton. Track by Christian Laffitte.

Funk Boson

Inspired by the search of the "Funk Particle", a second demo track by NeZoomie Link.


ReSequenced harnesses the power of Repro-1’s sequencer. For instant inspiration, load up any preset and tweak away—perfect for on-the-fly jamming or inspiration in the studio. Exceptional sound design and performance control puts the intensity of Repro-1’s raw analogue sound in your hands.

ReSequenced covers a wide variety of styles and moods, leading you down multiple creative avenues. You will find the pulsating basslines of warehouse parties, retro disco sequences, crisp motorik loops as well as a few etherial textures. Use the sequences as they are or develop them into your own melodies and patterns.

Download the full list of presets and Read Me (PDF).



30 € 

Requires Repro version 1.0 (or newer).

The sound of ReSequenced

ReSequenced presets

A walkthrough of the presets found in ReSequenced.


A pulsing dance flavoured electronic track from Oddvar. All sounds from ReSequenced except the drums.

About the author

Electric Himalaya is the nom-de-plume of a London-based sound designer and ambient music producer. His synthesizer sound design work can be found in products by Ableton, Apple, Roli, Steinberg and others. Electric Himalaya has also provided custom sounds for individual artists such as Bill Laurance (Snarky Puppy) or composer Annemarie Borg.

Electric Himalaya sounds have featured on the big screen in 50 Shades of Grey as well as on TV, for instance all music and Foley for Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream ad.