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Hive 2.0 released

New interface, advanced modulation capabilities, more presets, NKS ready!

Presswerk 1.1.4 update

Presswerk 1.1.4 fixes various minor bugs.

New sounds for your synths

Funkstation (for Repro)

Old school sounds inspired by Parliament-Funkadelic, The Gap Band, Midnight Star, and the many artists who embraced synthesizers in the Funk music scene of the '70s and '80s.
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Zebratron (for Zebra2)

A psychedelic-era soundset for Zebra2 by Howard Scarr. Zebratron is heavily inspired by tape-based keyboards and other groundbreaking electronic instruments developed from the mid ‘60s onward.
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Vectors (for Bazille)

Vectors contains 60 sci-fi and cyberpunk-themed patches for Bazille that make heavy use of performance features like modwheel, aftertouch and breath control to further shape your sound.
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Funkstation soundset
Zebratron soundset
Vectors soundset

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Featured news

Hive 2 released Link

May 28th, 2019

Hive 2.0 comes with a new user interface, 350+ new and NKS-ready presets, as well as many more new and improved features. If you already own a license for Hive 1.x, the upgrade to Hive 2.x is either free or very reasonably-priced (€20), depending on when you purchased Hive 1.x.


Hive 2

Hive and Presswerk updates Link

March 5, 2019

There are new versions for Hive and Presswerk available: Hive 1.2.1 and Presswerk 1.1.4.
Included are various bugfixes plus an improved Mac installer.

Check the release notes for more info:


Hive and Presswerk

Twangström: Spring Reverberator Link

January 21, 2019

Much more than a simple blast from the past for Dub Reggae fans, twangy guitar playing '60s surfers and '70s retro rockers, Twangström is an ultra flexible box of tricks…

We took the three most popular reverb tanks and added a multimode filter, a dynamic envelope follower, an LFO and tons of modulation options.



Hive 1.2: The Wavetable Update Link

December 11, 2018

We just updated Hive to version 1.2! While this update is focused on the introduction of wavetable scanning, it also includes other new features, bugfixes, and almost 500 new factory presets.

This update includes wavetable scanning, our new preset browser with tagging support, a new XY section for more performance control with intelligent auto-assignment, new modulation matrix modifiers, VST3 support, and many more improvements.


Hive 1.2 Update

For "The Dark Zebra" owners: ZebraHZ update Link

October 30, 2018

Apart from a sleek new look and the new searchable preset browser, ZebraHZ version 2.8 has more synthesis "grunt" than the previous version: We doubled the number of modulation matrix slots and MSEGs (now 8), added the wave folder and plate reverb modules from the regular Zebra 2.8, and more...

Existing owners and users of The Dark Zebra can request a download link for the updated 2.8 installer by submitting their registered email address to the form on our My Licenses page.


The Dark Zebra


From the Community

A few tidbits pulled from our vibrant community section.

Feature: Alexander Hacke

From the seminal German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten, to numerous collaborations and solo projects, Alexander Hacke has lived a life surrounded by art and music. We visited him in his Berlin studio to learn more about him, his music and his new soundset…

Watch the interview…

New in the PatchLib

In the spotlight: Mun Mtshams 2 from Kyhon. Mun Mtshams 2 is his second collection of weird and wonderful sounds for ACE. Kyhon has a unique and unusual aesthetic full of experimentation and boundary pushing ideas.

More information…

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