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u-he Hive 2.1 released

Hive 2.1 released

New: Comb and sideband filter types

u-he CVilization

CVilization released

Eurorack allround utility module – our first hardware!

New sounds for your synths

Metaphorium (for Hive 2)

220+ sounds featured in "The Matrix Resurrections" score. By Howard Scarr, Viktor Weimer and Urs Heckmann.
Chugging rhythms, dreamy soundscapes, ambient effects and more. XY programming makes many of the presets defy categorization.
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The Bazille Cookbook (for Bazille)

280+ patch soundset plus 118-page book (printable PDF) packed with Howard's pearls of synth programming wisdom.
This combination of soundset and book should keep Bazille fans engaged for a very long time.
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Objects (for Hive 2)

This soundset is all about hitting, scraping or plucking things. From tuned percussion through complex 'smashes' to unique special effects, the 190 presets cover quite a lot of ground.
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Hive Metaphorium soundset
The Bazille Cookbook soundset
Hive Objects soundset

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Featured news

Metaphorium for Hive 2.1 released Link

December 22, 2021

Over two years in the making and heavily featured in The Matrix Resurrections score, Metaphorium for Hive 2 is now available! 220+ presets programmed in-house by Howard Scarr, Viktor Weimer and Urs Heckmann himself.

Metaphorium Sounset for Hive 2.1 released

The Performance Update Link

August 10, 2021

Here in the northern hemisphere the summer is high, and we have some hot news for you: Native support for Apple Silicon (M1 and beyond), improved browsers, an even more efficient Hive, MTS microtuning wherever relevant, sleek new designs for Triple Cheese and ZebraCM…

The Performance Update free Apple Silicon M1 compatibility

Hive updated to version 2.1 Link

March 10, 2021

A brand new version of Hive is now available! This latest release includes comb and sideband filter types, support for the latest Apple soft- and hardware, new browser features, easier soundset installation, 100 new factory presets, a new alternative skin by Plugmon, and various other goodies described in the updated user guide.

Hive 2.1 free update available now

Bazille update, The Bazille Cookbook, Objects for Hive 2 Link

December 11, 2020

Just in time for the Holidays, a new version of Bazille is here! This update is free for existing users and introduces Big Sur compatibility, VST3 support, new patches and more.
Also The Bazille Cookbook, 280+ presets plus 118-page compendium of programming knowledge.
But there's more: Objects, a percussion-oriented soundset for Hive 2 by Yuli Yolo.

Bazille update, The Bazille Cookbook, Objects for Hive 2

CVilization is available now Link

October 19, 2020

Our first hardware product has left the factory!

We're very excited to enter a new era for our company. While our software was always informed by the grand tradition of synthesizers and audio effect hardware, we're now all set to enrich that culture with some of our own ideas. And what better way to start than with a Eurorack module! After all, synth modules are much like plug-ins, but in hardware.

CVilization out now

Zebra2 and The Dark Zebra updated Link

October 13, 2020

We're very happy to announce the release of version 2.9.2 for Zebra2 and The Dark Zebra!

Both now come with macOS 10.16 "Big Sur" compatibility, tagged presets, full NKS support and X/Y control. We also gave Zebralette 2.9.2 a fresh new look!

The updates are free for current owners of Zebra2 and The Dark Zebra.
Read the full news article for details and instructions.

Zebra2 + The Dark Zebra 2.9.2


From the Community

A few tidbits pulled from our vibrant community section.

Feature: Alexander Hacke

From the seminal German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten, to numerous collaborations and solo projects, Alexander Hacke has lived a life surrounded by art and music. We visited him in his Berlin studio to learn more about him, his music and his new soundset…

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New in the PatchLib

In the spotlight: Mun Mtshams 2 from Kyhon. Mun Mtshams 2 is his second collection of weird and wonderful sounds for ACE. Kyhon has a unique and unusual aesthetic full of experimentation and boundary pushing ideas.

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