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Automata for Diva released

December 12, 2023

Automata marks a departure from our usual soundsets. While previous releases from a single creative mind would focus on a specific musical style, this collection delves into a more technical and underrepresented aspect of Diva: motion!

The 300+ presets in Automata were crafted by seven esteemed sound designers – Bryan Lake, Chris Kay, Electric Himalaya, Howard Scarr, Viktor Weimer, Yuli Yolo, and Yuta Yoshimatsu. Each sound designer brought their own distinct approach into this project. We believe their collective expertise has resulted in something truly special!

Going beyond conventional note patterns from the arpeggiator, the incorporation of per-voice modulation and innovative LFO techniques elevates Diva into a dynamic tool for generating musical motion.

Diva updated

September 12, 2023

Diva v1.4.6 supports the next generation of Native Instruments' NKS technology: optimized integration with the latest NI hardware (Kontrol keyboards, Maschine). For more information go to native-instruments.com Link.

Some of the improvements:

  • Better CLAP support
  • Support for native Silicon AAX (Pro Tools)
  • Support for the next generation of Native Instruments NKS technology
  • Support for macOS Ventura / Sonoma
  • Linux: Support for MTS-ESP microtuning
  • Better Windows installer

Free for existing Diva owners.

Filterscape v1.5 now available

September 12, 2023

Free for existing Filterscape owners (otherwise €129) a sleek new version of our morphing EQ based plug-in bundle is now ready for action! Launched in 2004 as our very first cross-platform product, version 1.0 was an important milestone in the company history. Now rewritten with modern code and a modern UI, it looks, feels and sounds like a brand new product. Or rather, three brand new products…

Changes in version 1.5.0 include:

  • completely redesigned GUI
  • new state variable filter models
  • new oscillator wavetables for Filterscape VA
  • new output clipper to guard against digital distortion
  • CLAP support
  • new preset browser
  • preferences and MIDI learn pages
  • revamped and expanded factory presets
  • MTS-ESP microtuning support for Filterscape VA
  • Windows installer now comes with an uninstaller
  • New minimum requirement: CPU must support SSE4.2
  • …plus countless more tweaks

Note for existing owners (who can install over the previous version): Version 1.5 requires a new serial number, so you should retrieve your u-he licenses from My Licenses – enter the appropriate e-mail address and click on the green button.


Monochrome for Hive 2 released

March 21, 2023

ModeAudio, a UK-based team of dedicated sound designers & developers, captures the dream-like tones of your favorite Indie Electronica artists. Washed-out, grainy, warbly, otherworldly...

Monochrome focusses on the more organic edge of the contemporary electronic music landscape with rich, warm spectra - and plenty of movement courtesy of all the modulators Hive 2 has to offer.

Inspired by the likes of Four Tet, Caribou, Jon Hopkins, Max Cooper and Thom Yorke, Monochrome aims to bring the unmistakably 'live' feel of analogue hardware into the digital domain, taking advantage of the many new waveforms and filter types that makes Hive 2 such a powerhouse of a synth.