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Sugar & Spice for Hive 2 released

May 7, 2024

Take a nostalgic journey with Sugar & Spice – a performance soundset comprising over 260 presets plus many XY variations. Drawing inspiration from the iconic stage keyboards and synths of the 80s and 90s, this collection blends classic charm with modern flexibility. While focussing on nuanced response to velocity and aftertouch for the seasoned keyboardist, Sugar & Spice also offers more dramatic morphing via the XY Pads – you will find over 100 examples in the XY Showcase folders.

Sugar & Spice unfolds in two parts: Sugar by the multi-talented Michael Cavallo, and Spice by u-he’s own Howard Scarr. The combined effort infuses this soundset with a wider variety of sonic flavours, tying into a tradition started by the Hive Science soundsets and continued in Metaphorium.

Free updates for Satin and Filterscape

March 27, 2024

Satin version 1.3.3 includes native AAX support for Apple silicon and addresses several Pro Tools specific issues. This version also supports CLAP.

Processing at e.g. 96 kHz now aligns soundwise with 44.1 / 48 kHz projects, and a 'legacy' mode for compatibility with older projects has been implemented (see page 40 of the new Satin user guide for details).

Filterscape 1.5.1 improvements: The AU version now operates seamlessly in Digital Performer, plugin scan issues in Pro Tools on Windows have been resolved, and dialog box functionality has been fixed for Windows and specific Linux systems.

Important: Due to changes in licensing regulations we're gradually phasing out VST2 – these releases are likely the final versions with VST2. Both plugins offer VST2–to–VST3 migration (IPluginCompatibility method) to ease the transition. If your DAW supports this feature and no VST2 version is installed, projects originally saved with VST2 plugins will load the VST3 equivalents.

Zebralette 3 public beta released

February 21, 2024

A core piece of Zebra 3 is now available. Zebralette 3 is a single oscillator plucked from the mothership and embedded within a minimal synth environment: ADSR and MSEG envelopes, two LFOs, mod matrix, delay and reverb effects. Like its predecessor, Zebralette 3 is freeware.

The Z3 oscillator is in a league of its own: Spline-based editing, a dynamic toolbox borrowed from vector graphic apps, various morphing options and waveform mangling algorithms, an audio engine switchable between wavetable and additive synthesis. The oscillator is also a wavetable creation tool, as it can export the pure wavetables in .WAV format.

The beta version can be downloaded from our forum at KVR, and we'll keep it updated there. Various threads have been set up in the forum, awaiting your comments, praise, critique and bug reports.