Release notes: MFM2

Updated with every release (beta versions and latest builds not included)

September 6, 2022

More Feedback Machine 2.5 (revision 13385)


  • CLAP support (new plugin format)
  • Native support for Apple Silicon chips (M1)
  • macOS Monterey compatibility
  • Fresh new GUI
  • New input section with gain, filter and transient balance
  • New Granular effect
  • New Diffusor effect
  • New output clipper
  • Improved filters
  • Added meters for delay lines
  • Improved GUI performance
  • Support for Oddsound MTS-ESP
  • Improved handling of junction links on Windows
  • Preferences and MIDI learn section added
  • Revamped factory preset library
  • Improved VST3 support
  • Improved preset browser
  • Improved soundset installation
  • Support for copy & paste in preset browser
  • UTF8 support for user names
  • Various Mac and Windows installer improvements
  • System info displayed in GUI (revision, OS, plugin format)
  • Ctrl A/B replaces fixed Breath and Expression modulation
  • Added "set as default" option to Ctrl A/B section

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed a crash when loading script presets (e.g. Randomizer)
  • Fixed a crash in Bandlab Cakewalk when reloading a project using VST3
  • Preventing audio clicks when switching presets
  • Modulating soft clip and decimate effects was not working
  • Unused options in Linux preset browser now greyed out
  • Various framework fixes and improvements

Known Issues:

  • Context menus need plugin focus to work (Apple issue)

Special Notes:

  • AAX support on Mac removed temporarily (will come back in a future update)
  • Updated minimum requirements, CPU needs to support SSE4.2 instruction set
  • Linux minimum required glibc version is 2.28 (otherwise plugins won't show up)
  • macOS 32-bit support discontinued

The Windows installer was improved to prevent common installations issues. Please check the suggested installation paths during installation, making sure the update is installed into the same location as the previous version, and that all installed plugin formats are being updated.

The factory preset library has been revamped for this update.
Some less useful presets have been removed, new ones have been added.
Presets are now sorted in a more meaningful way, thus you might have to reassign your favourites.
Windows and Linux users, please consider removing the factory library folder before running the update installer.

The delay line output range has been adjusted from 0 to 200 to 0 to 100.
If old projects were automating this parameter, the automation envelope needs to be adjusted.

We removed the ability to store information about the last used MIDI note and velocity in the preset file itself. The potential for confusion and accidentally saving this data with the preset simply outweighed the benefits.
To set a preset to a specific note in a project, either create a MIDI clip and set up your track so the effect plugin can receive MIDI from that clip. Or use the internalNote and internalVel host automation parameters in case your host cannot send MIDI to effects.

October 8, 2015

More Feedback Machine 2.2.1 (revision 3898)

June 1, 2007

More Feedback Machine 2.0

Initial release