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A series of short tutorials and tips for ACE.

Made with ACE 1.0

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ACE Tutorial #00 - Basic module anatomy

Annotated introduction to the main modules in ACE synthesizer plug-in. The frames follow in quick succession, so you might have to pause the video every now and again to read and digest everything on the screen.

ACE Tutorial #01 - OSC1

Introduction to oscillator 1, plus a little about routing.

ACE Tutorial #02 - OSC2

Introduction to oscillator 2, sync, ring and cross modulation.

ACE Tutorial #03 - VCF

Introduction to ACE’s filters.

ACE Tutorial #04 - LFO

Introduction to ACE’s low frequency oscillators. They are actually full-range, as you will see…

ACE Tutorial #05 - ADSR

Introduction to the envelope generators in ACE.

ACE Tutorial #06 - Multiples

Introduction the ACE’s so-called multiples. Like most of the modules in ACE, they are deceptively simple…

ACE Tutorial #07 - Mapping generator

Introduction to the Mapping Generator in ACE. This tutorial starts with a list of common uses, and ends with a few practical examples.

ACE Tutorial #08 - Voice offsets

Using the Mapping Generator to set individual offset values for stacked voices.

ACE Tutorial #09 - Map percussion

Two methods of creating percussion loops using the Mapping Generator:

  1. as a series of impulses for triggering filter resonance
  2. ring-modulated with noise (Pink Floyd style)

ACE Tutorial #10 - More map tricks

Last bunch of Mapping Generator tips and tricks for now:

  1. quick custom (micro)tuning
  2. square-wave overtones
  3. copying/pasting useful maps
  4. map as performance control (see also Zebra2 tutorial The Birds )

ACE Tutorial #11 - Patchcords

Patchcords 101 tutorial.

ACE Tutorial #12 - LFO1 tricks

The ACE user guide mentions that LFO1 has a few tricks up its sleeve: it can process any signal connected to the S&H or Phase Modulation inputs, with the folowing results:

  1. standard sample & hold
  2. sample rate reduction
  3. waveshaping

ACE Tutorial #13 - Mix tricks

A few tricks you can do with the Mix module in ACE…

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