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Get serial numbers and soundsets

If you're looking for your serial numbers or the latest downloads for your soundsets, visit the My Licenses page and follow the instructions there.

If you purchased a u-he product from a reseller, you can redeem your license here.

Account login

All previous accounts have been updated to our new system, and you no longer have to log in. You can access your purchased items, license information and downloads via My Licenses.

Problem with your Share-It/MyCommerce order

If you have problems with the ordering process, please find help and information at the MyCommerce Customer Care Center Link .

License Transfers

Should you wish to transfer ownership of your u-he licenses to someone else, please read our transfer rules first and then submit a license transfer request.

Reseller purchases

If you purchased a u-he plug-in from a reseller, you received a registration code from them, not an actual license. You will need to trade in the registration code for an actual license and serial number first.

Redeem your license here.

See the FAQ: I purchased a u-he plug-in from a reseller. What do I do now? for more details.

Linux users

Please be aware that the Linux versions of our plug-ins are still considered beta. We are not able to provide the same level of support for these products as we do for the macOS and Windows versions.

Support is provided via the u-he Linux community at our KVR forum Link .


Questions? We have answers (hopefully :)). Our FAQ section collects the more common questions and answers, so before contacting us please check whether your question appears there. Below are the top questions, the full list is available in the FAQ section.

Getting started

Sometimes showing is better than telling. If you are new to u-he, synthesizers or sound design, these videos will help you get started.

Repro-1 introduction

Dan Worrall provides an introduction to Repro-1 in a four-part video series. Learn the basics and explore some the unique features of this monosynth.

Watch Introduction to Repro-1

Hive introduction

A ten-part series introducing Hive’s features and functions. Each video is dedicated to one part of the Hive interface and explain how to use it.

Watch Introduction to Hive

Presswerk 1.1 introduction

An introduction to Presswerk and the new features found in version 1.1. Follow along to learn about the new views while demostrating some common compression tasks.

Watch Presswerk 1.1 Introduction

Ready to improve your skills and maybe learn some new tricks? Visit our tutorial section for ideas, inspiration and tips from the u-he team and sound designers.


Contact and bug reports

If you are having trouble, we are always happy to help and answer your questions. Use the form below to send a message directly to the support team.

Bug reports can also be submitted using this form. Please provide as much detail as possible when sending your bug report: the issue, operating system, host software etc..

Select the topic of your email

Use the menu list above to select your message topic.

To retreive your serial number, license information, and download links visit the My Licenses page.

If you want to transfer your u-he plug-in license to another person enter the information to begin the process. Please note: license transfers cost €15 if you have owned the plug-in for less than nine months, and free otherwise.

Please include as much information as possible. Items marked with * are required.

Note: Any purchased u-he soundsets for the plug-in will also be transfered.

Note: If you have owned your license for nine or more months, the transfer is free. If you transfer your license in the first nine months of ownership, you must purchase a €15 transfer token. We will send you instructions on how to purchase a transfer token after you request the transfer.

If you are having a problem using one of our plug-ins, or have discovered a bug, please fill in the form below.

Please include as much information as possible. Items marked with * are required.

Where can I find the version and revision numbers?

What is a DAW/host?

If your account information needs to be changed, or you are having trouble retrieving your licenses, please send us a message.

Please include as much information as possible. Items marked with * are required.

If you have a question (not answered in the FAQ), or a comment, please send us a message.

Please include as much information as possible. Items marked with * are required.

The u-he support team is available Monday–Friday from 11:00–18:00 CET

Calculate the time difference our office in Berlin and where you live here Link .

We offer support in English und auf Deutsch.   UK flag icon   German flag icon

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All our downloads and installers in one place. Here you will find current, legacy and upcoming (beta) versions for all our plug-ins as well as user guides.



Up-to-date installers for all our plug-ins. We recommend these versions for everyone.
View all current installers.


Older installers for legacy operating systems or other incompatibilities.
View archived installers.

Latest Builds

Live in the future. Pre-release versions with the latest bug fixes and features.
View latest builds
Note: These versions are relatively stable, but still considered beta.

User guides

All our plug-ins come with user guides full of information and tips.

We highly recommend reading them to get the most from our software.

You can download specific user guides from the individual product pages, or you can browse them all here.