Hive 2.0 Upgrade process

If you wish to upgrade to Hive 2.x from Hive 1.x, please follow the instructions below.

Start by requesting your licenses

Click the button below and you'll be redirected to the "My Licenses" page. Request your licenses using the form there and after a few minutes you should receive a response email which includes a list of all your u-he licenses. The next step depends on whether the email contains a license for Hive. After receiving your email, come back to this page and check the possible outcomes in the next boxes.

Outcome 1: You already own Hive 2.x

If you bought your Hive 1.x license after January 20th 2019, you should automatically have a Hive 2.x serial in your license email. In that case, you're good to go and there are no more steps needed.

Outcome 2: You own Hive 1.x

If a serial number for Hive 1.x is listed in your license email, but no serial number for Hive 2.x, then you can purchase the upgrade.

Please make sure to purchase with the email address your Hive 1.x license is registered to, or the purchase will fail.

Outcome 3: You can't find any Hive license

If you’re sure you own a Hive 1.x license but it isn’t in your license email, it was probably registered under a different email address. In this case, please contact us and we'll try to help you.

Note: If you already own Hive 1.x and you’re not sure whether you want to upgrade or not, you can of course check out Hive 2 in demo mode. But as Hive 2 will overwrite your current installation, we strongly recommend making a backup of all your presets first. If you want to go back from Hive 2 to Hive 1.x, we recommend that you delete the presets directory and the plug-in files before reinstalling.