Release notes: Filterscape

Updated with every release (beta versions and latest builds not included)

March 27, 2024

Filterscape 1.5.1 (revision 15664)


  • u-he menu Twitter link replaced with link to Mastodon
  • VST2 > VST3 migration support for hosts using the IPluginCompatibility interface

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed: AU scan issue in Digital Performer
  • Fixed: Junk setting not remembered in hidden folders menu
  • Fixed: GUI loading issue if Windows account username contained special characters
  • Fixed: Dialogs could appear behind plugin GUI in Cubase (Windows only)
  • Fixed: registration dialog was not working in some Linux distributions
  • Fixed: Windows system scaling was messing with positioning of dialog windows
  • Fixed: Using Cmd+A in dialogs could lead to GUI disappearing (Logic only)

Known Issues:

  • CLAP note expression in legato/mono mode always using value of the first note
  • RND button can get stuck if clicked too fast repeatedly (Windows only; close and reopen GUI to fix)

September 12, 2023

Filterscape 1.5.0 (revision 15011)


  • New SVF filters
  • Completely redesigned GUI
  • Added more oscillator wavetables
  • New EQ display functions
  • New output clipper
  • Support for CLAP
  • Support for latest macOS Ventura/Sonoma
  • Native support for Apple Silicon Macs
  • Improved VST3 support
  • Updated VST3 SDK to 3.7.8
  • Improved GUI performance
  • Improved dialog handling
  • Improved noise behaviour
  • Implemented our modern preset browser
  • Revamped factory preset library
  • Soundset installation via drag&drop
  • More parameters added (pan modulation, LFO rate, global transpose)
  • Support for MTS-ESP microtuning (Mac, Win, Linux)
  • Preferences and MIDI-Learn sections added
  • Ctrl A/B replaces fixed Breath and Expression modulation
  • Ctrl A/B "Set as Default" option added to MIDI Table page
  • Browser: New option to show/hide folders in the context menu
  • Browser: Saving search results now works via drag&drop
  • Browser: Description and usage fields now scroll during text input in preset save dialog
  • Browser: Folders can now be drag&dropped onto tag smart folders
  • Improved parameter automation in Pro Tools
  • Improved latency compensation during MIDI event scheduling
  • Registration dialog now purges unsupported characters (e.g. accidental spaces)
  • Windows installer now comes with an uninstaller
  • Windows installer now remembers last used options
  • Windows installer blocks installation to C:\ProgramData location
  • CLAP: Optionally display module names next to parameter names
  • CLAP: Support for note expression (micro-pitch, timbre, pressure, pan, gain)

Fixed Bugs:

  • Removed "duo" mode from voice mode selection (was never supported)
  • Removed "keyfollow2" from modulation sources list (wasn't supported)
  • Removed LFO on/off switches from GUI (see special notes)
  • Fixed: Sequencer could go out of sync
  • Fixed: Disabling EQ could route wet delay signal to output
  • Fixed: Some presets could fall silent
  • Fixed: Switching delay on/off could produce audible glitches
  • Fixed: First note of arp could play two voices
  • Fixed: Some presets could produce clicks
  • Fixed: Trigger reset failing on loop wrap (Reaper only)
  • Fixed: Crash when loading script presets (e.g. Randomizer)
  • Fixed: Aborted preset save operation could lead to wrong meta data in inspector
  • Fixed: Using "duplicate" option in browser could crash if permissions missing
  • Fixed: VST3 synth plugin falsely reported inputs to host
  • Fixed: Glide time was longer when using small audio buffer size
  • Fixed: Renoise no longer needs "enable keyboard" option for menus to work
  • Fixed: Plugin focus no longer needed for dropdown menus to work (Mac only)
  • Fixed: Problem when loading init preset immediately after loading plugin (Mac only)
  • Fixed: Plugin stayed mono when using "Mono > Stereo" option in Logic
  • Fixed: GUI glitch when switching to smaller GUI size (Pro Tools only)
  • Fixed: Problem automating parameters with identical names (Pro Tools only)
  • Fixed: Preset search input field did not receive mouse input (Pro Tools only)
  • Fixed: Stuck notes when using computer keyboard to play in FL Studio on Mac (VST3 only)
  • Fixed: Scroll wheel not working on second display under some conditions (Windows only)
  • Fixed: Installer now scaled correctly on high-resolution displays (Windows only)
  • Fixed: Preset overwrite dialog was not showing up (Linux only)
  • Fixed: Default Author was set to preset name (Linux only)
  • Fixed: Auto versioning feature wasn't working (Linux only)
  • Fixed: Right-click preset selection frame wasn't disappearing (Linux only)
  • Fixed: Input field was empty when editing preset search result (Linux only)
  • Fixed: Double-click on menus could lead to crash (Linux only)
  • Fixed: Dialogs always opened at left edge of the screen (Linux only)
  • Fixed: Dialogs could be opened multiple times (Linux only)
  • CLAP: No more stuck notes when host playback is started repeatedly
  • CLAP: Audio buffer now cleared on host reset
  • CLAP: Improved reporting of latency changes
  • Lots of small fixes and improvements

Special Notes:

  • Updated minimum requirements: CPU needs to support SSE4.2 instruction set
  • Linux: minimum required glibc version is 2.28 (otherwise plugins won't show up)
  • macOS 32-bit support discontinued
  • AAX and CLAP are 64-bit only

The Windows installer was improved to prevent common installation issues. Please check the suggested install paths during installation, making sure the update is installed into the same location as the previous version, and all installed plugin formats are being updated.

The global LFO on/off switch has been removed, LFOs are now always active. If you have old presets with LFO modulations in place, but the LFO was deactivated, you need to remove the unwanted modulations.

The factory preset library has been completely revamped. Files are replaced automatically on Mac. Windows and Linux users, please consider removing the factory library folder before running the update installer.

October 8, 2015

Filterscape 1.4.1 (revision 3898)


  • AAX support (Pro Tools 10/11)

March 21, 2005

Filterscape 1.0

Initial release