Release notes: Diva

Updated with every release (beta versions and latest builds not included)

August 10, 2021

Diva 1.4.5 (revision 12092)

Native M1 ARM support


  • Native support for Apple Silicon chips (M1)
  • macOS Big Sur compatibility
  • Improved GUI performance on Mac
  • Support for Oddsound MTS-ESP
  • Improved handling of junction links on Windows
  • Improved multi-core performance on Mac
  • Switchable side panel designs
  • Preset tags modernized
  • Preset list scroll direction preference
  • Improved soundset installation
  • Preset browser bank name support
  • Added strict host sync button to arpeggiator section

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed possible stuck notes in Arpeggiator
  • Fixed notes starting on same time stamp but different MIDI channel might not play
  • Fixed notes getting stuck when resetting playhead in Logic 10.6
  • Fixed Cakewalk setting instance parameters to default on project reload
  • Fixed hold pedal sometimes stealing wrong voice
  • Fixed crash when loading script presets (e.g. Randomizer)
  • Fixed rare crash on project reload
  • Fixed audio clicks when switching presets
  • Various framework fixes and improvements

Known Issues:

  • Context menus need plugin focus to work (Apple issue)

Special Notes:

  • AAX support on Mac removed temporarily (will come back in next update)
  • Updated minimum requirements, CPU needs to support SSE4.2 instruction set
  • Linux: minimum required glibc version is 2.28 (otherwise plugins won't show up)
  • Multi-core support is not optimized for Apple ARM chips
  • macOS 32-bit support discontinued

January 27, 2020

Diva 1.4.4 (revision 9709)


  • Mac installer notarized (Catalina)
  • Improved performance on multicore systems
  • Winstaller improvements
  • UTF-8 support for installation paths
  • Mac installer improved to prevent permission issues
  • MIDI learn now working in VST3
  • Browser: file icons added
  • Browser: file system drag & drop support
  • Browser: import/export of favourite assignments
  • Improved GUI response time on some Macs (sluggish GUI)
  • Windows UI performance improved (less CPU load with open GUI)
  • Sustain pedal now working according to standard (0-63 = off, 64-127 = on)
  • Improved look of rocker switches
  • Improved hold pedal behaviour in mono modes
  • Fixed an issue with dialogs appearing transparent in Cubase 10.5 and Logic
  • Fixed rare crash when sending MIDI program changes
  • Fixed issue when using duo voice mode with hold pedal
  • Fixed an issue with intermittent clicks in mono modes

Known Issues:

  • Rare DC issue (audio clicks, sound cuts out)
  • Context menus need plugin focus to work (Apple issue)

Special Notes:

We improved the Windows installer to prevent wrong installations and permission issues. Please check the suggested installation paths during installation.

May 31, 2018

Diva 1.4.3 (revision 7422)

Fixed Bugs:

  • Crash when loading plugin, due to missing write permissions (macOS only)
  • Crash if a symlink pointed to an external drive (macOS only)
  • Some issues in preset browser when creating or duplicating folders

April 25, 2018

Diva 1.4.3 (revision 7325)


  • New Preset Browser
  • Pitchbend range is now +/−48
  • New user defined MIDI CC sources replace fixed expression and breath modulation
  • Mouseover shows parameter values in Data Display
  • GUI performance improvements on Windows
  • Plug-in format and OS information shown next to revision number
  • Improved VST3 implementation
  • Windows installer now certified
  • Init preset can be loaded from Data Display
  • Increased maximum number of skins from 10 to 20
  • Improved handling of 14-bit MIDI CC assignment
  • Added UTF-8 support for registration names

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed unsorted folders and presets when using APFS in macOS High Sierra
  • Fixed possible crash in Cubase when selecting presets (macOS only)
  • Fixed an issue where the VST3 version did not remember preset name in Data Display (Windows only)
  • Fixed an issue with Digital oscillator where the multisaw had phase-reset on first notes
  • Fixed an issue where Finetune parameter could not be locked
  • Fixed an issue when using the AAX version, the Offline Accuracy was not recognized
  • Fixed an issue when using the AAX version, saving presets was not possible (Windows only)
  • Fixed an issue when Transient mode is set to Analog and did not work correctly in mono modes
  • Fixed an issue where envelopes were sometimes ignoring Attack value
  • Fixed an issue where long preset names could extend outside the Data Display or Preset Browser window
  • Various small fixes and improvements

Known Issues:

  • Crash when trying to load script presets (e.g. Randomizer)

March 23, 2016

Diva 1.4.1 (revision 4078)


  • NKS support
  • Preset tagging introduced

October 8, 2015

Diva 1.4 (revision 3898)


  • UI improvements
  • Preferences panel
  • MIDI learn panel

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed missing UI in Logic and Studio One

January, 2014

Diva 1.3.1 (revision 2165)

Fixed Bugs:

  • Removed beta version flag, which caused version 1.3.0 to stop working on January 1st of 2014

December 7, 2013

Diva 1.3


  • New Uhbie filter
  • New Digital oscillator
  • Arpeggiator added
  • 60 new presets
  • AAX support (Pro Tools 10/11)
  • Faster GUI opening

May 1, 2012

Diva 1.1


  • Up to 40% less CPU usage on expensive presets
  • Multi-threaded operation allows use of multicore capabilities
  • Filters are a lot faster now
  • White-noise DC-offset removed
  • Panning inverted to make it correct
  • Triggered notes sound more coherent
  • Sonic improvements (more harmonics, less noise in VCF and synced oscillators)
  • New Transient Mode can reset DC-blockers and filter states on attack
  • New MIDI-learn mode
  • Presets can be revealed in Finder or opened in Explorer
  • Drag and drop presets (macOS)
  • Better file error messages for Windows
  • Crashlog written if a file named Diva.log exists on the desktop

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed occasional deadlocks (Windows)
  • Fixed unwanted legato mode after preset selection
  • Fixed crashes after invalid file access
  • Fixed issue where All Notes Off releases current notes instead of killing them
  • Fixed issue where MIDI preset change forgets modulator section
  • Init preset is correct in the presence of MIDI banks
  • Fixed crashes after long silence

January 12, 2012

Diva 1.0.1 (revision 517)


  • Full user guide added

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed pops and spikes when switching presets

December 22, 2011

Diva 1.0 (revision 480)

Initial release