Feature - Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones has had a rich and varied career as a studio engineer, mixer and producer. During the ’80s and ’90s he worked with many of the seminal artists of the time: Erasure, Nick Cave, Einstürzende Neubauten, Wire, Nitzer Ebb, and Depeche Mode. He continues to be a sought-after producer—practicing his craft, always learning, always trying out new ideas. And always willing to share his knowledge.

The latest chapter for Gareth is Spiritual Friendship, a project he formed with Nick Hook. Here Gareth explores his creative side, mixing field recordings, modular synths, dance music and beats.

During the Superbooth16 event in Berlin we asked Gareth about his life, his career and his use of technology.

Spritual Friendship - What’s Going On
Spritual Friendship - Anima
Spritual Friendship - Ode to Joy
Spritual Friendship - Spiritual Friendship Part 2
Spritual Friendship - Mushrooms
Spritual Friendship - Chicago K-Hole
Spritual Friendship - Rhythm, Yeah
taken from Spiritual Friendship Link.

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