Customer support, sound design

Viktor’s adaptability and characteristic unflappability may be a result of the myriad of odd jobs he undertook before joining u-he. While a musicology student he was: potato chip spice applicator, truck driver and chocolate pudding kisser in a TV commercial. From there he (wrongfully) concluded he needed to pursue a career in music composition. A string of radio jingles and poorly paid radio-play scores dissuaded him of that notion quickly. He moved on to translating video games into German.

All the while Viktor spent his money on synths and workstations, and spent his time demoing new music software. One day, an accidental detuning of sawtooth oscillators resulted in chills down his spine and his first self-made preset. He was hooked.

This new passion fuelled his growing dissatisfaction with his ‘odd jobs’. He knew somewhere out there filter cutoffs needed modulation. Thus his work as a sound designer began under the name The Unshushable Coktor (TUC). Since 2007 he has been working with u-he synths and provided factory presets for Diva, Bazille and Hive. In 2015 he joined u-he as customer support and sound designer.