From somewhere and nowhere, after various stages in his life, Urs finally landed in Berlin. One of the important stages was earning a degree in industrial design at Burg Giebichenstein University for Art and Design in Halle. Another was his youth on the shores of the North Sea. Waiting for something—anything—to happen, learning how to program computers seemed like a good idea. What finally happened was the internet! This enabled Urs to set up the business which, a couple of decades later, would lead to him writing these words.

Urs likes to go shopping… as long as the establishment has tasteful swag and/or provides comfy seating for bored husbands. He collects vintage analogue synthesizers as well as modern modular stuff. While travelling it’s all about good food, moments of hedonism and the “connoisseur experience”. The same applies to his products, of course: Urs insists on originality and uncompromising quality.

Favourites from Urs…

  • Favourite gin: Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin
  • Favourite musician (contemporary): Anders Trentemoeller
  • Favourite synth designer: Tony Rolando
  • Favourite TV show: Justified