QA and testing

Every morning somewhere near the middle of nowhere (aka the Thuringian Forest), Thomas, a devoted night-owl, drags himself out of bed to let the others know how badly they messed things up. Better known as QA and testing.

Thomas hunts for bugs, oddities and the otherwise broken in our plug-ins.He also lends a hand to the support team, helping them get to the bottom of particularly tricky issues. All this while delivering a near endless stream of puns.

Occasionally, Thomas turns his poking and prodding from breaking to making and creates presets for our plug-ins. Previous to joining u-he, Thomas worked as a freelance sound designer under the name Tasmodia (TAS).

Q&A with Thomas…

  • Day or night? Night.
  • Cats or dogs? Both, but dogs would still win.
  • Blended or single malt? Single malt, non chill filtered, the older the better.
  • Star Trek or Star Wars? Both, best enjoyed with a cup of tea, Earl Grey, hot.
  • Coffee or tea? It used to be coffee (still miss the smell), now it's tea.

Thomas minutiae

  • Not much of a talker. Enjoys the silence. No social media whatsoever.
  • Confused by team sports, but likes his bike and running shoes.
  • Thinks good programming is sorcery.