IT Administration, Web Development

After 30 years of green countrysides, snowy mountains, lakeside campfires and countless other romantic distractions, Rob finally fled from the safe Bavarian homelands to the gray and ghastly gomorrha that is Berlin in 2012, where he now works for a small but innovative plug-in developer.

Ze noise loop

  • Tim Minchin - Carry You
  • Corey Taylor - Snuff
  • Liquid - La Le Lu
  • Despised Icon - Diva Of Disgust
  • Athena - Senden, Benden, Bizden
  • FM84 - Running In The Night
  • Gov't Mule - Beautifully Broken
  • Carcer City - Disaronno Lips
  • Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire
  • Culling The Weak - Merciless
  • Garbage - Even Though Our Love Is Doomed
  • Emmure - MDMA
  • Heroes del Silencio - Maldito Duende
  • GWLT - Krrk! & Frieden
  • Gwen Stacy - A Dialogue
  • Himsa - Unleash Carnage
  • Jinjer - Pisces
  • Vanna - Candle Limbs
  • Iwrestledabearonce - Tastes Like Kevin Bacon

Rob minutiae

  • Stage experienced multi-instrumentalist, total vocal hack, songwriter, bedroom producer, audio geek.
  • Autodidact coder, in a long term relationship with JavaScript, recently in a heated affair with C++.
  • Son of a British Navy captain, most obvious when he argues with reluctant code.
  • Loves soldering guitar & bass electronics. His burnt fingers wish he wouldn't.
  • OCD ridden pedant/perfectionist, loves symmetry and order.
  • Coded a WAP based mobile messenger system in 2000. Peak user count: 12.
  • Started collecting 500 series hardware modules like Pokémon.
  • Enjoys coffee that's like his soul, black and cold.
  • Was first row victim at a Jimmy Carr standup show once.
  • Dabbles in cardistry and sleight of hand tricks.
  • Hi mum!