Sound design, user guides

Howie has been living and breathing synthesizers since the very dawn of time itself. In fact he has done very little else since he crawled out of the primeval swamp with nothing but an EMS Synthi-AKS under one of his tentacles. A sound designer for Access (Virus), Roland and others in the new millennium, Howard now works exclusively for u-he.

Howard minutiae

  • Born and raised on the Yorkshire coast, father was an inventor/engineer
  • Previous work: Fork-lift trucker, fish-packer, stunt-team aide, C-programmer. Anything with a hyphen.
  • Founding member of the UK’s first all-synth band Zorch back in 1973
  • Prefers to call his receding hairline an “expanding forehead”
  • Became a regular fusion/rock keyboard player during the ’80s: Rhodes, Polysix, DX7 etc..
  • Member of the quintessential hippie band Gong in 2000/2001
  • Toured across the USA (west to east) in a beaten-up old bus


  • Contributed synth sounds to several Hollywood blockbusters—see IMDB
  • Militant ex-smoker since his 60th birthday
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (radio version) and Red Dwarf buff
  • Scoffs seafood, cookies and and chocolate like there’s no tomorrow
  • Appreciates psychedelia in music and art
  • Loves watching snooker (“it’s chess, but with balls”)
  • Uses science and skeptic podcasts to help him fall asleep