Give him a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha and he does everything for you.

David studied accordion, sound design, and film music in Weimar and Potsdam. After that, he had any audio-related position possible in films and games, ranging from dialogue editor, lead sound designer, composer, audio programmer, and music supervisor before finding his passion in combining it all at u-he.

After work, David enjoys plugging cables in and out of his needlessly growing collection of synthesizers or playing video games. He loves the nature of California, Hawaii, and Gran Canaria, and hijacks every vacation for field recording.

David's Top 10

  • Best instrument: How on earth could it not be an accordion?
  • Best composer: John Williams
  • Best loudspeakers: KSD C-88
  • Best movie: Memento
  • Best tv series: Breaking Bad
  • Best game: Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Best gin: Monkey 47
  • Best food: Chicken Madras
  • Best place: Any volcano
  • Best animal: Gecko (but cats are close!)