Content Developer

Alf was born in Melbourne, Australia and is a comedy performer, writer and singer, starting out as a puppeteer and comedy writer. Sang in the “Spliff Radio Show” and “The Other Ones”.

Lived in Australia and Berlin on and off for the past 40 years. Produced around 20 children's CDs and co-wrote the Lauras Sternenreise Theatre Show as well as the music to the first Lauras Stern TV series.

At u-he, he's the “Every Other Job” man. Tagging, Voiceovers, mild synth restoration and part-time cook. “I've been around synths nearly all of my life. Now I'm finally learning how to work 'em”.

Whilst primarily responsible for tagging (explaining how a preset sounds), he is also the English speaking voice of the u-he “How-to” videos and recording studio setups.

At u-he we try to encompass all the aspects of performance and music. While Alf isn't the consummate keyboarder, as a music producer he brings in the aspect of the user. He just knows what he likes and if it sounds good.

Music Alf listens to

  • The Beatles
  • Steve Miller
  • AC/DC
  • Jet

Alf minutiae

  • Had a problem going bald, shaved it off… no more problem
  • Was originally a guitar playing puppeteer
  • Comedy performer, writer - “The Busby Berkeleys”
  • Sang in “The Spliff Radio Show”
  • Sang in the Berlin group “The Other Ones”
  • Wrote and produced Lauras Stern CDs and TV series until 2014
  • Wrote a comedy book on Australian animals who can speak
  • Wrote a comedy zombie film-script about two adorable but deadly zombie siblings