Zebra2 Crossgrade - Out with the old, in with the new

Zebra2 Crossgrade

Out with the old, in with the new

Horse Zebra trading

Would you like to retire your old hardware synth and get Zebra2 at 50€ off the regular price? The Dinosaur Crossgrade can help.

Unused, unloved, broken or past-its-prime analogue gear is now worth something.

Trading in your dinosaur for a Zebra is as easy as sending us a photo:

  1. Check that your old hardware qualifies (see the small print below)
  2. Download the Dinosaur Crossgrade card (PDF), print in colour, cut out and fold in half
  3. Place the card on the hardware you will be retiring
  4. Take a photo with the “Retired & Replace by Zebra” text clearly visible
  5. Send the photo to support@u-he.com (JPG or PNG, 800 × 600 pixels or larger)
  6. We will send you a 50€ off coupon code'

Despite persistent rumours, you do not have to ditch your hardware or send it to us. All we need is the retirement photo.

The small print

Not all synthesizers qualify for the Dinosaur Crossgrade. “Dinosaur” refers to a piece of musical hardware with a certain vibe—something spoken of in reverent, hushed tones. Hardware that cost thousands during the 1970s and 1980s, has knobs crammed all over the panel or a tangle of cables dangling from countless sockets on the front.

If your taste in music hardware runs in other directions, certain rack mounted units can qualify. Rumour has it that even one or two digital hardware synthesizers have become classics. One particular 8-bit sampler easily qualifies. If you are still uncertain whether your dinosaur qualifies, you can ask us via email or the contact form.

You don't own an old, dusty synthesizer? You might still have a chance to get your crossgrade. At times, here at u-he we like to be entertained by your creativity…

Please note that the Dinosaur Crossgrade is only available for purchases made at u-he.com.

Photo gallery

Retirement photos from new happy Zebra2 owners.