Born towards the very beginning in a place known by the wise Elders as Lilli Lucilinburhuc, where none could have foreseen his marvelous fate. Having been trained for long years in the ancient art of mathematical and economical sciences, he sailed towards the lands of the Scots to conquer the wonders of waves digitized by modern technology. His wonderous journey then led to the Berlin metropole, where he mastered digital signal processing and artificial intelligence, while simultaneously absorbing the knowledge of a bachelor in pure mathematics.

Thus, the prophecy came true: It would be the foreign man from the small castle that would bring the light of artificial intelligence to the mighty house of u-he.


  • Red wine, Ouzo and No-ice Mojitos despite every bar man's hate
  • Works almost exclusively in Python, despite finding it fairly incoherent, and his love for C++
  • Thinks we live in a simulation running on Linear Algebra and Stochastics
  • Likes music at the sweet spot between pure white noise and unnecessary violence
  • Working until 3 in the morning rather than doing anything productive before 10 a.m., as coffee is not an option
  • Likes throwing random Faust quotes in discussions with unsuspecting people


  • Was told that for every unnecessary computer operation, a baby kitten dies, so is obsessed with efficient coding and computing (Most used sentence: "Do we really need to compute that?")
  • Does fitness without ever posting inspirational quotes on social media
  • Mildly funny sometimes
  • Has blessed the world with his solo project Fallen Eaten Alive Tender, which is just a representation of the violence inherent in modern society


  • Why Berlin so much techno? Ah about me, no, I'm fine, thanks!