UI / UX Design, 3D artist

Sebastian is a citizen of the old GDR who is still happy about the fact that this era came to an end quickly (for him, at least).

Sebastian is responsible for the pixels in our user interfaces. Which means he is often found deep in Photoshop, or modelling, shading and rendering in 3DS Max. He also likes to push (and occasionally break) the limits of our in-house UI framework.

Much of his spare time is sunk into video games. Especially early access titles and betas… if a CBT is available he is there. He enjoys classical concerts, chamber music, electronic music, spa hotels, good food, good gin… everything good. A self-styled audiophile and lover of hi-fi equipment, he is happy to spend hours listening to his stereo.

Top 5 from Sebastian…

  • Best woman: girlfriend
  • Best composer: Antonín Dvořák
  • Best movie: Interstellar
  • Best gin: Juniper Jack
  • Best loudspeakers: Harbeth UK