DSP development

During the early days of VST, Sascha created the digitalfishphones freeware plug-ins, and for the last decade has enriched the Samplitude DAW with numerous tools. He joined u-he in 2012 to focus on what he is best versed in: dynamics processors, virtual tape, distortion and reverb.

Trying to meet his own standards sometimes clashes with time schedules, and he is regularly late for meetings.

Sascha is adept at soldering cables and claims he could do it blindfolded, in the middle of the night, while setting up a 48-channel mixing desk with the other hand. We await a suitable occasion in the u-he office for him to prove it.

When not rubbing his eyes trying to decipher twisted code, Sascha enjoys family life, drilling holes into his house and late-night workouts on the drums.

Sascha minutiae

  • Played bass guitar for 25 years
  • Survived underpaid live sound engineering jobs
  • Swings between complete mental absence and talking his head off
  • Musical taste ranges from synth pop to melodic death metal, allows for nuances in between
  • Holds a CMAS diving license
  • Childhood dream was astronautics, but is terrified of heights
  • Interested in cultures, politics, science and pizza dough