Marketing, communications

Michael is an AWOL Canadian that somehow ended up at the u-he office. So, they gave him a desk, which he likes to call ‘The Marketing Department’. He spends his days head down, headphones on, working on various marketing and communication projects—web, video, design, copywriting, advertising. If it does not require programming, he is often involved.

He is gently shunned by his coworkers for forcing them to have their pictures taken for the u-he website. They may never forgive him. He attempts to curry favour by occasionally making mojitos for everyone.

When not at work, he spends his time on music projects, running a label, poking around Berlin with his wife and arguing with his cats about the benefits of single currency market.


…albums while working on this website:

  • Braids - Deep in the Iris
  • Will Long - Long Trax
  • Klara Lewis - Too
  • Aris Kindt - Floods
  • Colleen - Captain of None
  • US Girls - Half Free
  • Mahharoba - No Title Pt.1 / Pt.2
  • Pavel Dovgal - The Aura
  • Various - 40 Heavyweight Dub Sounds
  • Gossip - A Joyful Noise

Michael minutiae

  • collects antique mah jong sets
  • prefers root beer over cola
  • first synth was a SIDstation