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Press resources

Stop the presses!

This page provides downloads for u-he press releases, images and logos.


All press inquiries should be directed to press@u-he.com or

Heckmann Audio GmbH
Wilmersdorfer Str. 98/99
10629 Berlin

Press releases

For major announcements we provide electronic press kits (EPK) containing a press release, related images and logos


Company logo

Download the u-he logo in various formats, both 4-colour and 1-colour versions.

Download u-he logo files

If you need the u-he logo in a different format or have special requirements, please contact press@u-he.com.


Screenshots and logos for the latest version of all our plug-ins, listed alphabetically.

Soundset images

Images for all our soundsets, listed alphabetically.


Press photos of the u-he team.

Urs press photos

Urs Heckmann

Founder, CEO

Download photos