Name Author Description Download
Paul's Dream Sonic Tales 80 Dark Zebra (Version 2.9+) presets created during an attempt to reproduce Hans Zimmer's Paul's Dream from the film Dune (2021) using just Dark Zebra. Please note that they are quite staged, while some are quite playable, others are just for effect. Gumroad login required and is pay-what-you-want $0+. Link
Ripples in the Sand Sonic Tales 80 Dark Zebra (Version 2.9+) presets created during an attempt to reproduce Hans Zimmer's Ripples In the Sand from the film Dune (2021) -- using just Dark Zebra. Please note that they are quite staged, while some are quite playable, others are just for effect. No channel EQ were added while mixing this track. What you hear is what you get in the presets. Enjoy! Gumroad login required and is pay-what-you-want $0+. Link
Almost Acoustic Rnaroth 20+ approximate physical models of real instruments using no samples. Gumroad login required and is pay-what-you-want $0+. Link
Methenyesque Z2 tboulette KVR user tboulette interpretation of a Metheny sound: Pat's 'birds from Mars' tone. Download
Hybrids Michael Kastrup Formerly a commercial soundset, Michael has released Hybrids for all to download. The idea behind Hybrids was to create common sounds found on 80's-90's hardware workstations. Download
Betelgeuse Demo ZenSound 11 presets showcasing the commercial Betelgeuse soundset. Download
EDM Box Esgalachoir 60 EDM-themed presets for Zebra2 by Corin Neff. Download
Zebra Tunguska Demo Matt Bowdler 20 free presets from the commercial Zebra Tunguska soundset. Download
KVR 808s (various) A discussion of drum machines on KVR lead some users to post Zebra patches emulating the iconic sound. Download
Sub Zero Rob Lee 105 inspiring presets for ZebraHZ by Rob Lee (free email registration required to download). Link
Nick Moritz OpenSource Nick Moritz Many years ago Nick created a bunch of presets for Zebra². But they were divided in a few packs and it was very uncomfortable to use them. When Zebra² got the update with the new preset-browser he reorganized all presets (old ones and a new ones) into one pack. He also deleted useless info from them like website links (which are unavailable now) and etc. These are released under the Creative Commons license allowing anyone to use them as they see fit. This pack contains over 640 presets and replaces all his old sets. Download
808 snare drzhnn A preset created in drzhnn's attempts to model the R*land 808's characteristic snare noise. Download
Phase Drift Delta Sign A preset showcasing the classic Steve Reich technique where two iterations of a simple motif drift out of phase which each other. Download
Celestial Body Freebies Esgalachoir 8 free presets from the commercial soundset, Celestial Body. Download
Empyrean Demo New Loops 8 free presets from the commercial Empyrean soundset. Download
Sigma Sonic Underworld Free sound set for Zebra 2 by u-he (Christmas 2017). A versatile selection of sounds containing a total of 30 patches.(Email required) Link
Weird Sisters Sound Author A completely generative, ambient, patch with complex changes over time. Download
Spirits Demo ZenSound 12 presets showcasing the commercial Spirits soundset. Download
Vector templates bmrzycki 4 templates exploring using XY1 and OSC1-4 for vector synthesis. Download
Future 808s TriSamples 43 custom 808 inspired presets by TriSamples. Download
Pulsor II Demo PulseSetter Sounds 34 presets showcasing the Pulsor II commercial soundset. Download
Pursuit Freebie Perimeter Sound Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound offers everyone 9 Zebra² presets from the Pursuit soundset. Download
Zebra² Signature Collection Presets Demo DUSTONS 15 patches from the commercial soundset Zebra² Signature Collection Presets by Dustons. Download
Undertow Demo Sound Author 16 patches from the commercial soundset Undertow by Sound Author. Download
Guide to Phase Distortion gentleclockdivider A PDF tutorial and example patches to learn phase distortion programming in Zebra. Download
The Unfinished u-he Synth Contest Pack The Unfinished Free soundpack from "The Unfinished u-he Synth Contest". There are 20 presets for each of the following synths: Bazille, Diva, Podolski, Tyrell N6, Zebra, Zebralette. Download
Tom Sawyer Zebra waltercruz waltercruz gives us his rendition of the famous Tom Sawyer synth sound from Rush. Download
ZaBong Zebra2 ZaBong This is a set of over 100 presets for Zebra². ZaBong doesn't do much XY modulations. The set is somewhat heavy with percussion sounds since he uses Zebra² as a luxury drum synth. Download
The Inspire Series vol 4 Origins of Audio The fourth in a planned series of free presets for Zebra² from Origins of Audio. This set contains 17 presets. Download
The Inspire Series vol 3 Origins of Audio The third in a planned series of free presets for Zebra² from Origins of Audio. This set contains 10 presets from their commercial soundset Zebramatic II. Download
The Inspire Series vol 1 Origins of Audio The first in a planned series of free presets for Zebra² from Origins of Audio. This set contains 10 presets. Download
Locksmith DemoBank Perimeter Sound Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound offers everyone 16 Zebra² presets from the Locksmith soundset. Download
Metheny sound (various) KVR user krraqk was searching for the Metheny guitar synth sound (gr300) to play "Song For Bilbao". A few KVR members submitted their version of the patch. Download
NIN Copy of A waltercruz waltercruz recreated the Swarmathon synth 5/16 ARP sound found in NIN's "Copy of A" track. Download
Zebramel RedChameau 77 free sounds for Zebra² from RedChameau. On the menu, mainly polyphonic thingies, especially pads, but also Keys, and everything in between. Also, a few leads and basses, and a couple of perc arpeggiated patterns. Download
Inversoundzzz Zebra2 Inversoundzzz 10 free sounds for Zebra². Download
Dreamer demo buing 10 free sounds from the commercial soundset Dreamer. Download
COILED freebies Perimeter Sound 24 free sounds from the commercial soundset COILED. Download
Absolute Zebra freebies EdHarvey 8 free sounds from Ed Harvey's upcoming commercial set: Absolute Zebra. Download
syntheticillusion Zebra2 syntheticillusion 23 presets by syntheticillusion for Zebra² 2.7+. Download
User Zebra BasariStudios 22 presets by BasariStudios for everyone to enjoy. Download
Tuned Resodrone diaper@ky One preset meant to emulate a Studio Electronics SE-1X resonant drone. Download
Blofeld Preset Favorites Bang Ali 23 presets by Bang Ali inspired by his favorite Waldorf Blofeld factory sounds. Download
PT Xmas 2015 Payam Tavakoli 20 high-quality bass presets by Payam as a 2015 Christmas present to everyone. Enjoy! Download
Teksonik All Free Teksonik Teksonik decided to release all his private presets for everyone, over 340 of them! Download
SH4RP Demobank Perimeter Sound 16 presets from the commercial SH4RP soundbank. Download
Experimental Zebra Sound KyhoN Kyhon invites you to explore an audio adventure of over 210 presets for Zebra² in four categories: Experimental, FX/Weird, Leads, and Pads. Download
Padsheaven3 Demobank hollo 15 presets showcasing the commercial soundset Padsheaven3 for Zebra². Download
Zebra Elysium Demo Matt Bowdler 16 free presets from the commercial Zebra Elysium soundset. Download
Pro Series: Vintage String Synthesizer 3ee An attempt to emulate general behaviours of vintage string machines from pseudo DDOs, monophonic envelopes to phase locked pitch registers and characterful filtering topped with a detailed BBD ensemble effect. The instrument can be tweaked via the XY Performance controls and the modulation wheel (MW) is assigned to add a phaser type modulation with after-touch assigned to the modulation speed of the phaser. Physical modelling is hard and time consuming work but despite that, the patch is offered for free. (donations are greatly appreciated) Link
Abi Techno Loop abi A single preset creating a complex techno-style loop. Download
Battery Leak Demo 3ee 15 presets from the commercial soundset: Battery Leak. Download
Zebra Coin SFX Endov The idea was to replicate real world sounds and coin sfx with Zebra. Thanks to zebratutorials for the inspiration. Download
Zebra Serenity Demo synaesthesia 15 free presets from the commercial soundset, Zebra Serenity. Download
Zebra Cinematic Tools Demo Payam Tavakoli 15 free presets from the commercial soundset, Zebra Cinematic Tools. Download
KVR Wavetables (various) Two discussion on KVR (DCO Majic and Harmonic Series) generated a bit of user collaboration and subsequent presets. Download
Project Xebra Demo Esgalachoir 20 free presets from the commercial soundset, Project Xebra. Download
Abi Zebra abi 76 presets fby abi covering a wide range of preset styles. Download
Perry's Crash Cymbal studiocat A crash cymbal synthesized by Zebra² for all to enjoy. Download
Actual Soundscapes Payam Tavakoli Payam created a one-note and hold ambient preset inspired by nature: birds, rivers, insects, and wind. Download
Zebra more Formants mkastrup 14 presets from Michael Kastrup exploring vowel and formant sounds with Zebra. Download
Zebra STRINGER runray 62 string presets for Zebra² 2.5+ by Nick Moritz. This was originally a commercial soundset that has since been made available to everyone. Download
Coyote Zebra coyote 5 presets for Zebra². Download
The Microwave Choir for Zebra pocvecem This synthetic (but also to some extent real) sounding choir has kept pocvecem fascinated since the early 1980s. Download
Xmas 2014 Payam Tavakoli 41 presets as a Christmas gift to everyone by Payam Tavakoli. Download
Little Rain Forest Esgalachoir 7 soundscape presets from Corin Neff designed to to emulate cute, ethereal animal noises. Download
3ee Zebra Bday 3ee 20 (plus 1 custom init) presets for everyone to celebrate 10 years of the Zebra² synthesizer by 3ee. Download
DK Zebra Bday trance_lucent 18 presets for everyone to celebrate 10 years of the Zebra² synthesizer by trance_lucent (DK). Also includes 2 presets emulating the new Diva 1.3 digital oscillator in superwave saw mode (mono and stereo). Download
Power Wah Crunch studiocat A preset showcasing the new distortion module in Zebra. Download
Pixelations Demo Complex 8 free presets showcasing the Pixelations commercial soundset. Download
Global Communication Noise Demo Blue-eyed Blonde Ape 12 free presets showcasing the Global Communication Noise commercial soundset. Download
Zebra Cinematic mega-presets Totolitoto 10 free mega-presets in a similar style to the Zebra Cinematic commercial soundset. Be sure to hold down one note for a long time to hear how each preset evolves. Download
LEVEL 3-E Free Pack 3ee 20 free presets showcasing the LEVEL 3-E chiptune commercial soundset. Download
Sphere for Zebra² Free Pack Aiynzahev 10 free presets showcasing the sounds in the Sphere for Zebra² commercial soundset. Download
Vintage Keyboards 3ee Vintage Keyboards is an attempt to accurately model some of the most popular and beloved electromechanical keyboards resulting in a clean and responsive blend, capturing more or less the good and "bad" magical essences that made the original models so famous. Physical modelling is hard and time consuming work but despite that, the collection is offered for free, donations are welcomed but not mandatory. If you wish to donate you can click here for more information. Download
Continuum Demo synaesthesia 15 free presets showcasing the sounds in the Continuum commercial soundset. Download
SH-101 Sounds Electronicaz KVR user Electronicaz enjoyed using Wav2Zebra to convert a few waveforms from his SH-101 into Zebra presets and oscillators. You can read more here. Download
ZebraTouch trance_lucent A template for TouchOSC intended to be used with the Perform tab of Zebra. You can read more here. Download
Cathedral Pipes EdHarvey A a big pipe organ patch for Zebra². Audio can be heard here. Download
SimChoir EdHarvey A simulated choir patch for Zebra². Audio can be heard here. Download
Padsheaven2 Demobank hollo 8 presets showcasing the commercial soundset Padsheaven2 for Zebra². Download
One Note Zebra (various) The KVR community project (thread here) had the goal to create a complete musicial composition with only 1 instance of Zebra² and only one preset. Users were allowed to add movement through expression controllers and XY lane automation. (warning: the mp3 .zip file is 160MB in size) h2p | mp3
Zebra-nautic Revolution sampler timaeus222 24 sample patches from the commercial soundset Zebra-nautic Revolution, featuring many that can be used for hybrid electronic-organic songs. Note: please read the patch delivery details if you decide to get the full 180 patches! Download
E-Smile-Z ZebraHZ EsmileZ EsmileZ's first 40 presets created with Zebra² and ZebraHZ. Several presets may require ZebraHZ (purchased as part of The Dark Zebra) to load properly. Download
The Missing Sound Patchbank (demo) DJBenniboy 27 famous sounds from the 90's that will truly deliver in your mix from Ben Insole. A Demo collection of Rave/Dance/Tech Sounds from that era that you were missing from that "Just Good Mix". Download
demonsk Zebra demonsk 23 Zebra² 2.5+ presets including keys, arps, church organ, etc. Some use XYs. Download
Neon Lights hollo 4 Zebra² 2.5+ presets hollo made for the Neon Lights forum. Download
Padsheaven Demobank hollo 16 presets showcasing the commercial soundset Padsheaven for Zebra². Download
Magnum Zebra MagnumMusic 12 presets for Zebra² for everyone to use and enjoy by MagnumMusic. Download
DK Cello trance_lucent A cello-inspired preset. Articulation is applied with velocity, modwheel and X1 from XY1. LFO4 also adds some pitch floating for better ensemble stacking. Download
himalaya string machines himalaya himalaya has shared 4 of his first attempts at Zebra² presets inspired by classic string machine synthesizers. Download
Virus Overture Patch Rat 41 KVR User Rat 41 worked to recreate one of his favorite Access Virus sounds for Zebra². Download
Harvest Produce Report Polybius 150 Patches, modeled after memories that may or may not have taken place. An outlet to the sounds that are haunting the back of Polybius' mind. Forgotten dreams and nightmares, recalled by turning knobs on this wonderful Zebra² synthesizer. Download
Free for Jump Hollo Hollo wanted to thank the Zebra² community's patch-sharing generosity by releasing a few of his own creations. 13 presets are included (OBX, Matrix, D50, DX,-brasses, strings, voicepads, War drums) but all of them selected as a real workhorse with great sound and careful use of the controllers. Download
Winter free 3ee 15 free presets from 3ee's commercial soundset Winter. Enjoy! Download
Oscillator Gymnastics Sendy 12 Zebra² presets showcasing different wavetable and OscFX combinations. Be sure to read the included readme.txt for extensive details about each preset. Download
Some Zebra Experiments 3ee A small 6 preset collection of 3ee's latest experiments with Zebra². Download
Afraid of the Dark abstractcats AbstractCats releases 13 Pad/FX patches for Zebra². Download
20 Freebies Bronto Scorpio Bronto Scorpio released 20 presets free for everyone. Download
Superwave Experiments (various) Superwave and supersaw techniques explored by various KVR users. You can read the details here. Download
Minimoog emulation 3ee KVR user 3ee spent considerable time attempting to recreate the raw Minimoog waveforms as native GeoMorph waves in Z2. You can read about his efforts here. Download
Zebra² Collector 3ee KVR user 3ee has completed his Zebra² 2.5.2+ bank. Included are 50 + 10 presets and features a good share of almost everything. They should be well-suited to any particular style or genre. He hopes you'll enjoy using them as much as he did creating them! Download
Zebra Patch Contest 17: Chords (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create one-finger chord patches. (See KVR thread here) Download
One Shot Kits Esgalachoir KVR user Esgalachoir has been seeing what just one instance of Zebra can do. He was inspired by the ZPC-15 contest that was hosted here awhile ago and expounded on the formula. Download
Zebra Patch Contest 16: FM (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create sounds only using FMOs. (See KVR thread here) Download
Zebra² goes D50 Saw PWM Urs Heckmann Urs created a preset imitating the Roland D-50 method of creating a sawtooth wave by ring-modulating a pule and sine wave out of phase. More info at KVR here. Download
Zebra² goes CZ Urs Heckmann Urs created a few presets that explain the basic waveforms sawtooth, square, peak (aka impulse), double peak (aka double impulse), sawsquare (aka half sine) to show how the new OSC FX PhaseDist mode works. More info at KVR here. Download
NYC Demobank Alexander Hacke 25 demo presets and the full PDF manual for the NYC Soundset. Download
Projektor Demobank Perimeter Sound 15 presets and one variation each for a total of 30 free presets from the commercial Projektor soundbank. Download
Zebra Patch Contest 15: Drumkit (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create a complete drumkit in one Zebra patch. (See KVR thread here) Download
Project X-ebra (teaser) Esgalachoir This is a demo for a soundbank Esgalachoir plans on releasing this year and is happily accepting critiques and/or comments on his work. You can PM him at KVR. Download
Zebra Patch Contest 14: Keys (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create sounds that are traditionally filed under 'Keys'. (See KVR thread here) Download
Xenos Soundworks Annihilation Demobank Xenos 12 free presets from the Annihilation Dubstep and DnB commercial soundset by Xenos Soundworks. Download
Cats In Heaven abstractcats AbstractCats dedicates these 15 Pad/FX patches to four of his cats that passed away over a six month period. Download
Dev Stage One abstractcats AbstractCats has released 24 presets for Zebra² 2.5+ and expects to update it further in the following months. Download
Untamed Zebra Bronto Scorpio Bronto Scorpio has worked countless months crafting these 64 presets and hopes you'll enjoy them. He also has a demo track on Soundcloud. Download
EDT Audio Zebra Free edteneyck EDT Audio, creators of the Zebrosis commercial bank, give you 58 free presets to enjoy. Some are attempts to recreate famous sounds while others are just plain wacky. Download
Johan Brodd Zebra² jobromedia Johan Brodd fell in love with the Zebra² 2.5 demo and decided to share 34 presets he created while exploring it. Download
Zebra² Collector (teaser) 3ee KVR user 3ee is working on a Zebra² bank and provided his first 25 presets with promises for more on the way. Download
2011 Ideas abstractcats 32 presets for Zebra² 2.5 from AbstractCats. Download
Maro B. Zebra² Maro B. 20 presets for Zebra² 2.5+ by DJ Maro B. for Dance and Hardstyle. Download
Rate Of Motion DemoBank Perimeter Sound Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound offers everyone 30 Zebra² presets from the Rate Of Motion soundset. Download
Aspect Wave Esgalachoir Hello fellow fervent Zebraheads! Corin has been toying here and there lately with Zebra and this is what he's come up with. 21 presets of pads, sound effects, a kick (that somewhat resembles a buffalo drum) and a bass. Enjoy! Download
Serhiy DemoBank serhiy06 Serhiy is working on a Trance/Progressive bank and wanted to release 13 patches from it early. You can also hear an audio demo of some of the presets Download
BLASTER runray Nick Moritz has given everyone a New Year 2011 present of 64 electronic bass presets for Zebra² 2.5+. Thanks Nick! Download
Aspect of the Comb Esgalachoir Corin Neff presents a compilation of sounds making use of the comb filters in Zebra² 2.5+. It is mostly a variety of percussion, pads, and sound effects. Corin's intention was to have a little pallete of sounds for those who produce sounds for film, but of course, you can use them in any way that you like. Download
AbstractCats Ice Storm Dream abstractcats 18 presets for Zebra² 2.5 from AbstractCats. Download
Zebrasonix Freebie Perimeter Sound 12 Zebra presets with 4 variations each (48 total) showcasing the Zebrasonix commercial soundset. There are also 4 Zebrify presets with 2 variations each (8 total). Download
NANO-Source Zork KVR user Zork converted 51 high-quality instrument Samples from the University of Iowa with the Blueberrything converter plus 3 or 4 of his favourite samples. These are for Zebra² 2.5 or newer. Read more here. Download
Vanilla Percussion xh3rv A laborious process, but one of love, both for Zebra² and the u-heads, xh3rv gives you 109 percussion presets. Everything is XY-mapped with controls that don't break easily and velocity does what you expect. If you like these patches and feel adventerous, why not give the KVR u-he patch contests a shot? Download
Zebra Patch Contest 13: Hey Motherplucker (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create plucked or plucky sounds. (See KVR thread here) Download
Zebra Patch Contest 12: One Note Only (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create an interesting patch that plays itself. (See KVR thread here) Download
MK Free Patches mkastrup Michael has created a package of all 74 patches he has made free during my time with Zebra. Some are patches from the oldskool soundsets, some are from competitions and some are from things he wants to make people aware of like the little FM school and ways to use MSEG's. Download
Xenos Soundworks Forever 80's Demobank Xenos 7 free presets from the Forever 80's commercial soundset by Xenos Soundworks. Download
Zebra Patch Contest 11: Emus and Emulations (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create accurate emulations of something else. (See KVR thread here) Download
AbstractCats Zebra Basses abstractcats 14 Bass presets from T.S.George for Zebra² 2.5. Download
Zebra STRINGER Demo runray Nick Moritz presents 7 presets from his 62 preset STRINGER soundset for everyone to try out and enjoy. Download
Zebra Patch Contest 10: Strange Portent (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create strange and bizarre sounds. (See KVR thread here) Download
Dmitry Sches Absynth 01 sches 4 various styles of presets showcasing the new Glo2Zebra.exe tool and the oscillator templates it can produce. Download
Bronto Scorpio Free Bank 01 Bronto Scorpio 24 presets from KVR user Bronto Scorpio. (demo song here) Download
Zebra Patch Contest 9: Padded Zebra (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create a unique and evolving pad sound. (See KVR thread here) Download
Ambient Voices Demobank sches Dmitry Sches has released 10 presets to give you a sample of his Ambient Voices soundset. Download
Zebra Patch Contest 8: The Locutionary Zebra (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create the best and most expressive lead sound possible. (See KVR thread here) Download
Alonso Zebra Demobank Adam Alonso The Alonso Sound Zebra 2 Soundset is a collection of 128 patches that each represent a unique texture and inspiration. Zebra² is a wonderful soft synthesizer capable of quite a variety of sounds. This demo soundset contains 16 presets from the full bank. Download
Zebra Patch Contest 7: Fishing for Bass (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create the best bass sound possible. (See KVR thread here) Download
DrTW Christmas Zebra drtimwaters 6 presets as a Christmas present to all users of Zebra². Download
AbstractCats Zebra abstractcats 9 presets from T.S.George for Zebra² 2.5. Download
DrTW Zebra² drtimwaters 18 presets for Zebra² 2.3 or later by Tim Waters. Download
Zebra Patch Contest 6: My Bloody Zebra (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create patches that sound like some virtualized component or instrument is broken. (See KVR thread here) Download
Zebra Patch Contest 5: Dr. StrangeZebra (various) The 'task' for this contest was to show off the new XMF filter modes in Zebra² 2.5. (See KVR thread here) Download
Zebra Playground Demobank tasmaniandevil The Zebra² Playground Demobank contains 24 presets and 30 OSC Presets giving you a taste of the full bank. There is also an included PDF which describes the full bank and its intended usage. Download
Horseplay john hunter 25 presets messing about with Zebra². Download
Zebra Patch Contest 4: Strike a Beat (various) The 'task' for this contest was to design a drum kit or drum loop. (See KVR thread here) Download
Z2.5 Tease Urs 8 Presets made by Urs to showcase the new Zebra² 2.5 filter modes. In his words, "I just built a Roland SH-07 structure for the bass and lead (but lead with Duophonic mode), and the chords are done with a patch that simulates an 8-voice unison Jupiter 8 (modelled after some sound examples I found)."You can hear his teaser song here. Download
Zebra FLARE runray Nick Moritz has created a monster of a second free set for Zebra² owners with 145 presets. In his own words: Rich, deep stereo sounds will simply lift you up to the clouds, especially if you are a Trance or Progressive House lover! There is a demo track showcasing a few of the sounds. Please read the included README for all the details. Download
Zebra Patch Contest 3: Play with me (various) The 'task' for this contest was to design a patch with playability and expression in mind. (See KVR thread here) Download
Zebra Patch Contest 2: Minimal Modules (various) The 'task' for this contest was to design a patch with only one module in the Voice grid and one module in the effects grid. (See KVR thread here) Download
Zebra PPG Vectorman 19 presets created by David Vector using the suthnear PPG wavetables and his PPG 2.v and MW1 as a reference. Some of them come closer to the original sounds than others, and some aren't trying to mimic specific patches at all, but are just sounds using those wavetables. Download
Zebra Patch Contest: Metropolis (various) The 'task' for this contest was to design a patch inspired by this sequence from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. (See KVR threads 1 & 2) Download
Valkyrie DemoBank S.Wallace This selection of 16 professional presets is a free sample of Sonic Elements' Valkyrie 100 preset + oscillator templates soundbank. This is an updated version now showcasing Volumes 1 & 2. Download
Progressive House Bank Vol 1 runray Nick Moritz gives us 93 presets covering leads, basses, FX, pads, all with a Progressive House sound. These were made with Zebra² 2.3.3 or later in mind. Download
Bunch of Pluckers hakey These 6 patches were created with jupiter8's Wav2Zebra tool. These are all 'real' or acoustic emulation style patches, not 'synthy' stuff - if you prefer more electronic sounds this is probably not for you. Download
Rhythmic MSEGs (various) Michael Kastrup got the ball rolling on this unique usage of MSEGS found in this KVR thread. A few other KVR members posted their own patches using the technique as well. Download
I am Zebra (various) KVR user billstei created a set of Octave scripts to do sample import into Zebra²'s oscillators. These 16 presets were created by various KVR members using the new tool. Download
Z-Drums DemoBank Mr-Bit A collection of 11 drum presets showcasing the commercial Z-Drums preset bank. Download
Retro DrumKits mkastrup Here is a little patch which will point you to some basics when creating retro synth drums. The patch contains 4 kits which can be used alone or mixed. All guidelines are found within the patch and there is an included MIDI file to help you get started right away. You can run tons of instances because its very CPU friendly. Download
SFXXL Miroslav Herman These sounds are not made for their spectral structure, but for their time line, like Bullegory. Or some curiosity like Microponging, Mittalgongho and Microtoning, where the sound go from the high - in the left part of the keyboard - to the low sound in the right part. They are made for experiments or psycho-movies. Download
Switched On 2 Polybius Switched On Update: Now contains 108 patches. Polybius' goal is to make Zebra² sound as dirty analog as it can. (demo song) Download
Bell Builder Howard A deceptively simple patch that can give you anything from a glass lid to a large church bell, depending upon the chord you play. Download
KVR Choirs (various) 12 choir presets made by various KVR members. Download
Arksun Demobank Arksun This selection of 16 Arksun professional presets is a free sample of Arksun's 128 preset soundbank. Download
Black and White and Red justin3am These are for the people that say Zebra can't do dirty. Each individual patch is like a mini synth with key modifiers mapped to the X/Y pads and also to Kore controllers. Each patch has 8 variations to illustrate the amount of flexibility but Justin recommends that you explore the X/Y pads yourself. (kvr | demo song | demo song 2) Download
uk-music Z2 uk-music Classic keyboard sounds by uk-music. Download
Zebra Bugz aMUSEd Presets taking advantage of the audio in "bug" in the latest Zebra² 2.3. Use in a host that allows for audio into a VSTi. Since this is a bit of an unofficial feature these may not work future releases. Download
Zebra Food Menno Meijer ZEBRA FOOD: 143 patches for U-he Zebra² 2.x (demo song) Download
psy/chill presets psycox psycox's psy/chill/whatever preset pack (+180+ presets!!) xmas 2008 update. (blog | demo song) Download
ZebraK hakey 19 patches of a mainly vintage/old-skool/rave/techno flavour. Download
Switched On Zebra Polybius Switched On Zebra: 74 patches for use with your Zebra virtual home synthophonic system. (www | demo song) Download
Zebra² Teksonik Teksonik A quick batch of 55 electronic sounds by Marc Hoppe of ProSounds. Download
FM School mkastrup The ever-helpful Michael Kastrup brings you 9 presets to teach you FM synthesis in Zebra². Download
Zebra² 3am justin3am 33 Zany Zebra² presets. Download
Subtractive Duller 38 Juno/Prophet style patches for Zebra² by Mikkel Haakonsson. Download
Dirty B3 Al.Kamala A little B3 emulation, a bit sophisticated but easy to use, with XY optimization (plus 21 variations). Download
JackD Z2 JackD 23 presets by Jack Deckard. Download
Z2 Virus Challenge (various) The Zebra plays the Virus challenge Z2 presets created by KVR users cleverr1, Howard, suthnear, and Urs. Download
Z2 Virus Bank A wonshu Hans Hafner's interpretation of the Virus Bank A presets done with Zebra². Download
The Zibrus wonshu Hans Hafner's conversion of 2 preset banks from Urs' Virus with OS 2.8. Download
Unempty's Oddities dln 60 sounds ranging from the edges of bizarre to the bassweight to which to meditate. Emphasis on bass, in case you wondered. Download
Peter's Mindblowing Bank pschelfh 55 mindblowing presets. Download
MK Zebra² mkastrup 17 oldskool presets by Michael Kastrup. This was the set that got the whole Oldskool series started. Download
Alpha Construct Jeremy_NSL Alpha Construct is 64 professional free patches for Zebra². In order to download you must subscribe to the Nucleus SoundLab newsletter. Link
Jack's Z2 Bank JacK_SoliuM Definitely not a techno/trance bank by Jack. Download
PWM 101 zircon zircon's examples on how to perform pulse width modulation with Zebra²'s oscillators. Download
Zach Thomas Z2 Zach Thomas 14 trance/dance themed presets. Download
womoma Z2 womoma 14 subtle presets. Download
Factory Remix tasmaniandevil Zebra² 2.0's Factory preset bank adding in XY paramaters on the presets for extra versatility. h2p | fxp
jeff51 Z2 jeff51 70 presets mapping velocity, modwheel, and XY. Download
zircon patches zircon 15 trance/dance themed presets. Download
Howard does Z2 Howard 117 presets in Howard Scarr's signature free preset bank for Zebra². Download
Ask Z2 illformed 14 mixed bag of presets. Download
Subz Z2 djsubject 26 DnB style presets from Subz. Download
Urs XY urs 9 presets from Urs focusing on XY assignment in Zebra². Download
hellleutel Z2 hellleutel Five presets by hellleutel. Download
Zebra² 2.1 Factory Bank (various) When Zebra² 2.2 was released the original factory soundbanks were replaced by a custom set done by Howard Scarr. This collection is the original set before the change. Download

Name Author Description Download
Ice Crystals Freebie Heartwood Soundware 24 sounds for Zebralette by Heartwood Soundware. Download
Paree Katti Dubstep vol 1 Paree Katti 20 dubstep sounds for Zebralette by Paree Katti. Download
KVR One Synth Challenge (various authors) Free sounds contributed by many forum members for the Zebralette OSC. Download
The Unfinished u-he Synth Contest Pack The Unfinished Free soundpack from "The Unfinished u-he Synth Contest". There are 20 presets for each of the following synths: Bazille, Diva, Podolski, Tyrell N6, Zebra, Zebralette. Download
Shiptz Audio Zebralette shpitz 51 presets for Zebralette by Shpitz Audio. Download
Planet of the Neon Machines noisecrux 69 presets for Zebralette and is a bit of a tribute to 80s synth sounds. Download
Timbral Explorations ZenSound Timbral Explorations was made with the purpose to bring you smooth, nice and original electronica sounds. This soundset is formed by relaxing and wide atmospheres, warm basses, lush calmly pads, wonderful keys and bells, dynamic and percussive sequences and haunting SFX. Timbral Explorations for Zebralette is conceived for ambient electronica and cinematic music. Download
Moonlit Zebralette petedako These are the original patches KVR user petedako used for the Zebralette One Synth Challenge song "MOONLIT ZEBRALETTE" [a.k.a. Earth Needs More Cowbell]. Note this is the instrumental version of "(There's a) HOLE in the MOON" featuring Bill Bissett. Download
OUTPOST: AIRLOCK Mark Mosher OUTPOST: AIRLOCK picks up where the "Sounds from a Distant Outpost" soundset left off and again takes place at the fictional dark and distant "outpost". This outpost exists in the same signals universe as his two albums REBOOT and I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS. The 12 patches in this soundset will help you explore the sounds, technology, and creatures of this world. Listen through nice headphones or monitors as there is a lot of stereo movement in these patches (keep the volume low while you get to know the library). Download
Zebralette Patch Contest 02: Freeform Fun 2 (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create any sound using only Zebralette. KVR user hakey also offered an extra set of presets he made after the contest was over and are included in this archive. (See KVR thread here) Download
Percussive Oditties IrionDaRonin 22 drumkits sounds for Zebralette. 10 distorted kicks, 6 hats or metals and 6 snary sounds. Download
Alpha Juno Saw PWM Urs Heckmann Urs created a Saw-PWM preset for Zebralette during a conversation on KVR about Roland Saw-Square waveforms. More info at KVR here. Download
Alpha Juno Saw PWM Urs Heckmann Urs created a Saw-PWM preset for Zebralette during a conversation on KVR about Roland Saw-Square waveforms. More info at KVR here. Download
Zebralette Patch Contest 01: Freeform Fun (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create any sound using only Zebralette. (See KVR thread here) Download
xmas 2006 tasmaniandevil Christmas 2006 present from tas. Download
Zebralette bk1 jeff51 80 Zebralette presets Download
Cygnus X-1 Cygnus X-1 68 Zebralette presets Download
Factory (various) The Zebralette factory presets. Download

Name Author Description Download
Selector grief 82 presets in various categories made by KVR user grief for ZebraCM. Download
Create:Audio Dimensions kevosince85 Contains 44 ZCM presets of out of this world atmospheres, drones, pads and noise. Download
dj.tuBIG ZebraCM MaliceX 14 presets pulling off the basics with the ZCM beast. Download
Familiar Territory speccyteccy Familiar Territory (128 ZCM presets) Download
ZebraCM Teksonik Teksonik 50 presets for ZebraCM Download
Odo ZebraCM odo 41 presets for ZebraCM Download
Beej ZebraCM beej 24 new patches for ZebraCM and Zebra². Download
MightyWight ZebraCM MightyWight patches for ZebraCM and Zebra². Download

Name Author Description Download
Delta Phaser Delta Sign KVR user Delta Sign created a unique phaser effect with Zebrify. You can read about the efforts here. Download
3ee Zebrify Collection 3ee KVR user 3ee created 4 audio shaping effects using Zebrify 2.5.2+. You can read about his efforts here. Download
Filtrify Bronto Scorpio Bronto Scorpio presents Filtrify, 15 presets for the effect Zebrify to turn it into a versatile filter unit. All important controls are mapped to XY pads. (demo song here) Download
Zebrify Patch Contest 1: Amen! (various) The 'task' for this contest was to manipulate the famous Amen Break drum loop. (See KVR thread here) Download
Rumba Codex Zebrify rumba_codex 11 Zebrify experiments, you'll want to try different input modes with these. Download
3am Ebow Zebrified justin3am This is a single patch with clean guitar running through Zebrify. Justin is playing with an ebow and controlling the filter cutoff with an expression pedal. (demo mp3 here) Download
Zebri-lo-fy aMUSEd 6 Zebrify presets for different types of source material. See the info pane for details. Download

Name Author Description Download
Combing the Z ThomasHelzle 25 Presets in .fxp format for ZRev. Many of the presets focus on comb-like effects. Try altering the "Size" parameter on presets to drastically alter the overall tone. Download
aMUSEd's Zrev aMUSEd 19 Zrev presets by aMUSEd in fxp format. You'll need to load them from your host. Download

Zebra² Multi-Segment Envelopes and Oscillators
Name Author Device Description Download
SRM Waves re23071998 OSC A set of 52 digital and 42 analog waveforms for the Zebra² oscillators. Download
lo-fi and chiptune r_v OSC The pack makes a good basis for lo-fi digital and chip tune type sounds. Each oscillator has the form: sine, triangle, saw and pulse, with varying forms of slew, overshoot, aliasing and bit-reduction. For programmers, the Python 3 scripts that generated these can be found on GitHub. Download
Spectros PietW. OSC 80 wavetables from Massive converted for Zebra². Please note: these are not digital copies of the Massive wavetables (not even from the original waveforms). PietW use spectral analysis tools and manual inspection of the waveforms to recreate them. Download
Xmas 2013 Zebra wavetables pocvecem OSC This is a collection of 19 wavetables for Zebra² and Zebralette. The original waves were made with different synths like Microwave2 + SoundDiver, Yamaha SY99, Kawai K5000, Korg Poly800, Kawai 100F and NI Razor. Then they were put together into wavetables with Wav2Zebra. Due to the lack of time for making a complete soundset pocvecem decided to contribute them to the community as a little Christmas present. Download
Wavestation VS waveforms Ingonator OSC 6 oscillator presets (with 16 waveforms each) converted from the Wavestation VS for Zebra². Download
Phatty Mutations GruvSyco OSC 3 oscillator tables sweeping and mutating across the little Phatty Oscillator waveforms created with the Wav2Zebra tool. Download
Zebroscillators Sendy OSC For those who didn't catch the first edition, Zebroscillators is a collection of bare wavetable presets for Zebra² which aim to create exotic variations and transformations of PWM, oscillator sync, waveshaping, wave morphing, and classic synthesizer waveforms. This is an upgrade from the "Exotic Oscillators" pack with many of the old tables touched up and smoothed out a bit. Be sure to read the included Readme file for more information. Download
Sylenth1 OSCs serhiy06 OSC Serhiy used Wav2Zebra2Java to export sampled waveforms from Sylenth1 and s(M)exoscope for final analysis and corrections. The presets contain all the basic waveforms generated by Sylenth1 except for for white noise. Minimal OSC FX are applied to match Sylenth1 as closely as possible. Finally phase reset is enabled to give the oscillator that digital feel. Download
Adventure Kid Waveforms PietW. OSC Adventure Kid Waveforms (AKWF) is a collection of one cycle waveforms sampled from various sources intended for use as oscillator shapes in samplers and synthesizers. PietW. obtained permission to convert these samples into Zebra² oscillator presets. Download
FMs PietW. OSC 300+ waves in 21 Oscillator wavetables all generated from the Native Instruments FM8 synthesizer. Download
Sounds of Massive PietW. OSC 128 waves in 8 Oscillator wavetables all generated from the Native Instruments Massive synthesizer. All waves were created with 3 oscillators and a lot of filtering including the formantfilters and compfilters. Final editing and effects were added with WaveLab. Download
Stringtable PietW. OSC A single OSC preset with 16 stringmachine waveforms. These come from the Classic Stringmachines collection but have been improved a bit with WaveLab. The 16 waves in order are: ARP Cello Ens, ARP Viola Hollow, ARP Violin Ens, ARP Violins Hollow, Crumar Cello, Crumar Violin, Elka Strings, Elka Violin Strings, Elka Violin Cello, Eminent 310, Freeman Strings, Junost 21, Logan String Cello, Opus 3, Solina String Ens, Roland RS 202. Download
Dmitry Sches Absynth OSCs 01 sches OSC 10 oscillator presets made with the new Glo2Zebra.exe tool which converts Absynth .glo files to .h2p oscillators. You can download the tool in the KVR thread here. Download
Transwaves PietW. OSC 73 oscillator presets containing 1168 different waves. There are several unique transistions waveforms. Download
Spectral Designs PietW. OSC 24 oscillator presets by KVR user PietW. of interesting and subtle spectral design shifts between osc waves. Download
Classic Compilation PietW. OSC PietW. generated 30 Zebra² Wavetables from the following Instruments: Korg Wavestation EX, RMI-Computer, ARP Odysee, Oberheim OB8/Matrix, Mellotron, Fairlight, Roland JX 3P & Jupiter, EMS VCS3, Korg Delta/Lambda/Trident, Sequential Circuits Prophet, Elka, Crumar, Polaris, and JEN. Altogether there are 480 waves in these wavetables! Download
Waldorf Largo PietW. OSC 74 oscillator presets by KVR user PietW. converting Waldorf Largo wavetables to Zebra² format. Download
Classic Stringmachines PietW. OSC 24 oscillator presets by KVR user PietW. converting his interpretation of classic Stringmachines to Zebra². Download
Dmitry Sches MSEGs sches MSEG 9 Gate and 17 sequence effects for Zebra² MSEGs by Dmitry Sches. Download
Ambient Voices OSC Templates sches OSC 8 Ambient Voices oscillator templates useful for designing atmospheric sounds. Download
Flavours of Sync JeeTee OSC Z2 Oscillator wavetables providing an alternate Saw sync sound, as well as Square and Triangle sync wavetables. Download
Nick's MSEG Gates runray MSEG 15 MSEG Gate style presets from Nick Moritz. Download
Kriminal OSCs Kriminal OSC 42 hand edited single cycle hardware synth oscillator waves. Download
Z2 z3ta+ Muz3uM fr4ncesco OSC 287 waves from the z3ta+ Muz3uM mod converted to Z2 oscillators. Download
Z2 z3ta+ Virus fr4ncesco OSC 64 waves from the z3ta+ Virus mod converted to Z2 oscillators. Download
Classic Wavetables suthnear OSC 300 Waldorf PPG/MW styled waves for Z2 oscs. Download
Waves of Plenty suthnear OSC 94 Prophet VS styled waves for Z2 oscs. Download
Z2 Ichi Zero Ichi steff3 OSC 17 Z2 oscillator presets inspired by the sh-101. Download
Z2 Illness steff3 OSC 64 Z2 osc presets converted from the Absynth archive inspired by a certain "ill" device. Download
Z2 replicator replicator OSC Z2 osc preset covering some basic waveforms. Download
Z2 Imposcillators beej OSC 2 sets of waveforms derived from the impOSCar. Download
HS Phatty Saw Howard OSC The Little Phatty saw wave. Download
Z2 Scripted Oscs urs OSC 2 Z2 osc presets showing the power of scriping is in Z2. Download