Name Author Device Description Download
Bronto Scorpio UHBIK-T Bronto Scorpio T 18 freebies for UHBIK-F (demo song). Enjoy! Download
THRAKosaurus xh3rv R,A,D,F,P,Q,S,T THRAKosaurus is: (i) A change of scenery for the Uhbiks. New stuff for all of them. Over 500 in total. (ii) Inspired by seeing some King Crimson alumni live. That's why he creatively repurposed (read: stolen) the name of their album THRAK. There's no attempt to recreate or emulate any sounds, but rather he's trying to capture a sense of using and misusing sonic effects for musical results. More details at this KVR thread. Download
Guess the reverb Bronto Scorpio A,D 4 UHBIK-A and 1 UHBIK-D presets from his KVR thread Guess the reverb. Download
Bronto Scorpio UHBIK-F Bronto Scorpio F 14 freebies for UHBIK-F (demo song). Enjoy! Download
blortblort Uhbik 01 blortblort R,A,D,F,P,Q,S,T Several presets for almost every Uhbik. Enjoy! Download
Nick Moritz Uhbik-D runray D 26 high quality presets for UHBIK-D. (homepage) Download
Nick Moritz Uhbik-A runray A 43 high quality presets for UHBIK-A. (homepage) Download
G-Spot aMUSEd G 21 presets for the new granular module. This requires UHBIK 1.1 beta or greater. Download
Flangtastic ttoz F 17 UHBIK-F presets oriented towards drum loops Download
Metal Phish aMUSEd S 15 UHBIK-S presets Download
Flan & Chocolat Miroslav H F 32 UHBIK-F presets made with love and attention. Download
Made in Phase Miroslav H P 25 UHBIK-P presets made with love and attention. Download
Sinkmusic sinkmusic R,A,D,F,P,Q,S,T 90+ presets for the mighty Uhbiks. Enjoy! Download