Tyrell Nexus 6
Name Author Description Download
Mateusz Kwiatkowski TyrellN6 Mateusz Kwiatkowski 20 free presets for TyrellN6. Some guitars, brasses etc. Download
Pure Evil InclusiveTech 140+ free presets for you to enjoy. Download
Entropia Sonic Underworld A total of 128 patches of analog bliss. Based on a design similar to Roland's classic Juno 60. (Email required) Link
Trail of Nexus6 Complex 100 patches for Tyrell by Complex. Download
opoint Tyrell opoint 51 free patches made by opoint during the KVR OSC #91 for Tyrell N6. Download
The Unfinished u-he Synth Contest Pack The Unfinished Free soundpack from "The Unfinished u-he Synth Contest". There are 20 presets for each of the following synths: Bazille, Diva, Podolski, Tyrell N6, Zebra, Zebralette. Download
Kujashi Schiffbauer 50 presets for TyrellN6 by A.kujat. In this collection are some truly special kind of sounds: from Vangelisque CS80 emulations, 80´s pads, Brass, Polysynths, Strings, Leads, Basses, SFX, SQ-sounds and some attempts to emulate sounds of any legendary hardware analog synths. So these patches are for special moments and no bread and butter sounds. Use the Modwheel & some external effects (in some cases) - for a more organic feel and atmosphere. Download
Techno Pack Plugmon 64 Techno themed presets for TyrellN6 by Plugmon. Download
Tyrellium Julian Ray 20 presets for TyrellN6 by Julian Ray. Download
Shpitz Tyrell shpitz 63 presets for TyrellN6 by Shpitz. Download
Kuu Zuu synaesthesia 64 presets (plus 36 bonus percussion presets) for Tyrell 2.0 with an emphasis is focuses on a modern interpretation of classic analogue sounds. (Note: the set is free but registration is required to download the set.) Link
noisecrux TyrellN6 noisecrux 85 presets for Tyrell 2.0. Download
Kuu Tuu synaesthesia 64 presets for Tyrell 2.0 with an emphasis is on punchy and warm sounds that can be turned to a variety of genres. (Note: the set is free but registration is required to download the set.) Link
LightningStrike AZZZ 101 presets for Tyrell N6 version 2.0. Download
Kuu synaesthesia Matt Bowdler is a media composer, electronica producer, and sound designer specialising in film and game scoring as well as and breakbeat/dubstep productions. Kuu is a collection of 64 sounds with a warm, analogue feel. There are basses, leads, pads, sequences and sfx, all with a retro touch, thanks to Tyrell N6 being partly designed in honour of the Roland Juno 60 – a truly classic synth. (Note: the set is free but registration is required to download the set.) Link
Moonshine TommyBear KVR user TommyBear released Moonshine, a free bank of 65 presets for Tyrell. Download
Vaseline 3ee KVR user 3ee released Vaseline, a free bank of 20 presets for Tyrell. Download
Mr Wobble's Tyrell Patches hakey KVR user hakey (aka Mr. Wobble) released 134 of his favorite presets for all interested. Download
Vulcan Jazz + Bonus pocvecem pocvecem kindly released all the presets he used to create his submission for the KVR One Synth Challenge "Vulcan Jazz". Download
KVR: Tyrell Patch Collector (various) After the first Tyrell Patch Contest, several KVR users decided to share their personal favorite presets they had created up to date. Thanks to their generosity there are now an additional 115 presets for everyone to enjoy! Download
Tyrell N6 Patch Contest 1: Free for all (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create any patch for Tyrell. (See KVR thread here) Download
The Light Frank123 Frank123 was kind enough to publish the patches he used for the first demo song: "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long". You can listen to the track here. Download
Tears in the Rain aMUSEd A small bank (37 patches so far) for Tyrell. The name should be obvious to any Blade Runner fans. The patches are a mixture of basses, leads, pads, keys, some percussive bells/chimes and sci fi FX sounds. Download