Device Skins
Name Author Device Description Preview Download
MONA N6 Plugmon Tyrell N6 MONA N6 is a custom GUI for u-he Tyrell Nexus 6. it is a spin-off work of MONA, a commercial GUI originally created for Diva byt Plugmon. By sharing some resources with MONA, it became possible to provide premium-quality design for free (email registration required). Preview Link
Diva Reverence The Sound Dimension Diva A homage to the original synths in 19" rack format and the essence of Diva. Aiming for an aesthetic that spoke a little more analogue, a little more used, a little more setting the scene for the classic sounds of Diva whilst generally remaining faithful to the layout of the original so the manual is still relevant. With a few extra labels for clarity the lower section is a little more subdued but defined and aligned. Controls have been rendered in a higher res so they don't pixellate whilst the classic emulations have been visually harmonized whilst still retaining their character. YouTube Preview Preview Link
NightSkin deepspace Hive 2 A dark skin for the u-he Hive 2 Synthesizer. For night owls and darksiders with default layout and functionality. Preview Link
MONA Plugmon Diva Key Features of this new Diva skin by Plugmon: 1660x930 huge GUI size, Realistic hardware look, Everything in 1 pane, Playable keyboard and wheels, "Massive Modulation" system v2, One-click module switching, XY controls for effects, and "Easy Access" to essential parameters in browser. Also includes 48 presets hilighting the raw sound of Diva with all effects turned off (and an additional 48 presets for a more finished sound). Preview Link
Izmo Dark Plugmon Hive 2 Izmo is the official alternative skin introduced in the Hive 2.1 update. Izmo has a totally different layout from the default skin, giving you new inspiration with new workflow. But it may have been a bad news for some people that it is a light skin. Plugmon understands that sometimes you want to meditate in the complete darkness. So here it is! Izmo Dark is not just a reversed-color version of Izmo. Many UI elements are rebuilt so that all the parts are in harmony with each other. The Skin is a free download from Plugmon's website. Preview Link
Arterrador THE INTRANCER Hive 2 A rework of Hive 2 with the following features: New Browser Design, New Knob and Button Design, Dual XY-Pads - Left and Right, Un-Obstructed Numbers (Seq Pattern), Truncated Text Design, Updated Filter Displays, Updated Pitch and Mod Wheels, Unique Keyboard Section With Panel Display Toggling, Updated Micro Tuning Window, and Updated Hexagon Section With Included Waveform Colour Switching. Preview Download
ACID Ploki A.C.E. ACID (All Cables In a Drawer) is a complete functional and aesthetic reimagining of the u-he ACE synthesiser. It follows Swarm aesthetics and ergonomic approach. Features: Single-pane layout (no tab hopping!), Compact design (Being only slightly larger than the original, it easily fits a 13 inch laptop screen), No cable clutter (all cables are tucked away in the bottom drawer), Consistent and clear modulation system via slots, Customisable GUI (8 themes to choose from!), 3 heavily textured themes (orange haze, ghost, blueberries), 2 soft depth themes (acid, ace), 2 flat themes (mica, bleached), 1 neumorphic (ice). Preview Link
Swarm Ploki Hive 2 Swarm is a complete functional and aesthetic reimagining of the u-he Hive 2 synthesiser. Reworked layout that mirrors the Hive signal flow. Highly customisable GUI within then skin: Main color scheme (+ Darker variation of each), Knob Colors, FX section look, Additional textures, Modulation sources look, Label color and style. Additionally s blue-highlight version of the skin id included. Single tab modulation matrix + additional detailed matrix. Quick WT editor within OSC bank and single tab detailed WT editor. Macro-Knob oriented design with easily accessible knob editor. Reworked FX section: Simple mouse friendly EQ, XY reverb for easier reverberation control, Exposed hidden parameters for Drag/Drop modulation. Preview Link
Verve Ploki Podolski Verve is a GUI redesign for u-he's free synth Podolski. Like Podolski, Verve is also free. Features: Single pane design (no tabs!), Massive style modulation rings, Re-arranged layout, 7 switchable colour panels. Preview Link
Nitro 2.0 Ploki Presswerk Nitro 2.0 reworks Ploki's original Nitro skin. The full version boasts 8 gorgeous themes to select from with a neat built-in Theme switcher. There's also a single-theme version available if you just fancy one of the supplied themes. Every single-theme version ships with Nitro + one additional theme of your choice, with included highlight/darker modifiers. In the spirit of the original Nitro release, there's also a free version with only base Nitro theme available. Preview Link
Gizmo Funkybot's Evil Twin Hive Introducing Gizmo; a Hive 2.1 skin variation built entirely off plugmon's excellent Izmo theme. This was a little more than re-color job, in that FET had to recreate a lot of the graphics from the ground up in the Affinity suite, but yeah, the ultimate goal was to modify the colors to better fit FET's tastes. Preview Download
Console Podolski Hoverland Podolski Hoverland's modern take on Podolski as a console instrument. Preview Download
Console TripleCheese Hoverland TripleCheese Hoverland's modern take on TripleCheese as a console instrument. Preview Download
Console Zebralette Hoverland Zebralette Hoverland's modern take on Zebralette as a console instrument. Preview Download
Wombat Vitality wombat778 Zebra/ZHZ Wombat's back with another clean and modern design inspired by the layout of a different virtual instrument. Preview Download
Vintage Style abernathy Repro These are Abernathy's "Vintage" skins for Repro. Designed to match the original Prophet-5 and Pro-One fonts and nameplates shape, the panel fonts, and made the wood a little less red on the Prophet. The knobs to look more like the Prophet-5 hardware and the panels are more black like the hardware. Preview Download
Wombat Flat wombat778 Zebra/ZHZ Wombat created this skin as something cleaner and more modern with many fewer colors as well as a cooler color palette than the original Zebra/ZHZ skin. There's also a skin builder for those interested in customizing the look and layout. Preview Download
Nitro Ploki Presswerk Nitro is a Presswerk skin with minimal design and smaller footprint optimized for agility and clear overview of parameters. Secondary channel indicators are draggable (both knob and button LEDs), so in unlinked mode, you can access both channels from a single view for most parameters with no need to switch between channels for quick adjustments. Easy views use the same look and approximate parameter layout, so going from easy to main should feel like you just unlocked advanced mode. Some parameters such as channel link are available in all easy views - a deviation from the original skin. Meters have been consolidated and gain reduction display is now linear - to keep high resolution of gentle compression additional “zoom” meter is available for first 6dB of gain reduction. It’s available in both dark and light variants and is optimized for retina / HiDPI screens. Preview Download
Diva Blau robinibbo Diva A nice subtle blue skin for Diva, just paste the content of 'Panes' from the Zip file into your '\Data\Images\Panes' folder and reload GUI. Preview Download
SpacED Out EvilDragon MFM2 EvilDragon updated Eclectus' excellent MFM2 layout redesign with tweaks, cosmetic fixes, changes for the latest version of MFM2, and added a piano roll. Preview Download
monolith Plugmon A.C.E. Plugmon has taken their unique approach to skin design and applied it to A.C.E. The skin has the following features: No tab at all. Everything in a single pane, Euro Rack inspired, vertical module design, Massive Modulation system -- with 5 color distinction, Ghost mode (hide all cables) just like theirTokyo Ghost skin, In ghost mode, drop down menus are available instead, Visual feedback for FX parameters, and a CPU meter added. A bonus set of 48 fully-tagged presets is also included. Preview Link
Diva Dark Glove Revisited Elektronisch Diva Revisting of an older skin by Teksonik updated for the latest version of Diva. Preview Download
Neumann Plugmon Zebra² Plugmon's newest premium skin for Zebra² has an impressive array of features: Massive style modulation, Pianoroll sequencer, Multiple effects in a rack (Switch between Mods/FX rack), Fullscreen OSC editor with XY axis labels, MSEGs in the rack, and Interactive feedback for ENVs and Reverbs. There's also a fullscreen MSEG editor coming in a future update. To make sure it works for you there is a trial download available at the link below. Preview Link
Neumann Zebralette Plugmon Zebralette This is the Zebralette version of “Neumann” skin. The skin was originally built for Zebra² and is now brought to Zebralette. Since Zebralette is a free synth this is provided free too! (Registration required for download) Preview Link
Diva R and C Fit Digital Diva 2 flavours of u-he’s legendary analog mimicking synth, Diva. They both incorporate a hidden function in Diva’s theme application builder which can be used to randomise sounds. The function already existed as a patch, but they made it more user friendly by making the logo a clickable randomiser. The sounds it produces are very ‘interesting’. The skins also comes with 30 presets generated with the Randomiser. Prev Download
Diva Monoskin robinibbo Diva Here's a simple monochrome skin for the latest version of Diva. It's basically a removal of the red panels and background: much easier on the eye and far more sophisticated! Prev Download
Tyrell Tech Noir lfo2vco Tyrell N6 Tyrell Tech Noir, by lfo2vco, is based on GrayTech 2D by Hoverland. This skin is reminiscent of the the panel designs of 80’s classics from Moog and Sequential. Unfussy and hopefully easy to read and use. Prev Download
Dust Themes Cajhmere Podolski Fresh Arranged GUI with a dash of dust on orange/blue/black and made for a slightly different workflow. Optimized for 120% scaling zoom. Prev Download
Hive High Contrast zoikkis Hive Two high contrast skins for Hive 1.2, one with sub-module coloring hints. Prev 1 | Prev 2 Download
Eclipse Plugmon Hive A flat, grey and purple take on Hive. Includes a soundset with 60 custom wavetables. Preview Link
Tokyo Ghost Plugmon Bazille A clean, light, theme for Bazille with hardware-styled knobs. Preview Link
Interstellar Plugmon Tyrell N6 A flat skin inspired by an 80s classic for Tyrell N6 (free account required). Preview Link
Repro Colors Zmotion Repro Zmotion customized Repro~1 to look like Repro~5, with four color variants. Preview Download
Gray Tech Hoverland Tyrell N6 A gray theme for Tyrell N6. Preview Download
Plastic Skin audiot Tyrell N6 A clean blue/grey theme for Tyrell N6. Preview Download
Blaugrau audiot Diva A clean blue/grey theme for Diva. Preview Download
Spartan Gray satYatunes Hive A sparse, dark gray theme for Hive by satYatunes. Preview Link
Funkybot's Repro Skin Pack Funkybot's Evil Twin Repro-1 Here's a set of 6 RePro skins. 5 for RePro-5, and 1 for RePro-1. These are mostly just modifications to the original RePro themes, but FET did make some new Prophet-style knobs for RePro-5. If you don't like the new knobs, FET included a variation of the old knob for each skin (check out the Read Me for details). Preview Download
Bright Diva fw-instruments Diva A bright metal skin for Diva by Frank Wagner. Preview Download
EasyAccess2 HilbertSpace Zebra² A complete re-imagining of the Zebra workflow. Be sure to check out the post describing its usage here. Preview Download
Red Hive achtnullacht Hive A red-themed Hive skin by achtnullacht. Preview Download
Massive Modular Plugmon Zebra² Plugmon's latest creation for Zebra² is as total redesign inspired by the newest synth UIs that display modulation around the circumference of knobs. This skin replaces the "Pokemod Skin" that came with the "Quick EDM" commercial soundset. Preview Link
Diva Redux 2 drzhnn Diva drzhnn has re-imagined Diva again. Just like his Zebra Redux work, the primary goal was to change the workflow for the sound designer as well as drzhnn's own preferences. Note, this skin has undergone revisions so it's best to go to the KVR forum here and download the latest version directly. Preview Download
RP-1 Classics Zmotion Repro-1 Three darker color variations (Red, Blue, Grey) for Repro-1. Preview Download
Serenity satYatunes Hive A light color base with blue display panels and text by satYatunes. Preview Link
Neon Need a Name A.C.E. A darker, high-contrast, skin for A.C.E. Preview Download
Slightly Blue ulph A.C.E. A blue theme for A.C.E. that also uses subtle highlighting to show which module jacks interact with certain knobs. Preview Download
Warmer Gray Funkybot's Evil Twin Repro-1 A dark gray/black theme for Repro-1. Preview Download
Anthracite Blue Code4 Repro-1 A pale blue theme for Repro-1. Preview Download
Gearporn Grey cbas Bazille An alternative grey theme for Bazille modifying the gear porn layout. Preview Download
Ace of Spades cbas A.C.E. A blue themed skin with custom knobs for A.C.E. Preview Download
Gearporn Blue RedKnobs cbas Bazille A blue theme for Bazille modifying the gear porn layout with additional custom red knobs. Preview Download
Gearporn Blue cbas Bazille A blue theme for Bazille modifying the gear porn layout. Preview Download
Orangensaft Need a Name Bazille An orange theme for Bazille modifying the gear porn layout. Preview Download
Dirt Blue Need a Name A.C.E. A blue theme for A.C.E. Preview Download
Tyrell Diva RM Chris-S Tyrell N6 Further refinements to the Tyrell Diva theme, with included white and black knobs. Preview Download
Tyrell Diva Chris-S Chris-S Tyrell N6 Chris-S made minor modifications to the Tyrell Diva main panel. Preview Download
Tyrell Diva scoobz Tyrell N6 Tyrell with hint of Diva inspiration. Preview Download
90s Blue Lempface Tyrell N6 A modified version of the 90s skin with a blue color palette. Preview Download
90s Igor Petrovic Tyrell N6 The design is inspired by the look of hardware in 90's. Preview Download
AIKO Plugmon Diva A complete redesign of Diva using Massive-style modulation rings (and other refinements). Preview Link
Unity Plugmon A.C.E. A bit of a reworking of the knobs and graphics for ACE. Preview Download
EasyAccess HilbertSpace Zebra² A wide layout for faster access to more controls. Preview Download
EasyAccess HilbertSpace Hive A wide layout for faster access to more controls. Preview Download
Monokai and OneDark Dozius Triple Cheese Various themes for the free synthesizer plug-in Triple Cheese by u-he. Monokai OneDark Link
Volta for Diva User Data Diva Volta is a visual and functional GUI modification for the Diva Software Synthesizer by u-he. All graphics are redesigned carefully after their counterparts. The entire workflow is refined to create a new experience and additional features like an Advanced LFO has been added. There is a demo version of the skin to try before you buy. Preview Link
Gianfranco's Grey Hive Gianfranco Carone Hive A darker monochromatic skin for Hive by Gianfranco. Preview Download
Pink Chapelle Hive Hive with a pink color palette. Preview Download
Hulk Chapelle Hive Hive with a green color palette. Preview Download
Zebra Asylum 2.0 LFO8 Zebra² LFO8's original Asylum skin redesigned. Preview Link
Diva Glove Teksonik Diva A simpler skin, one that Tek found less distracting than the original. Preview Download
Black Diva richardb09 Diva A darker, mostly black, skin for Diva. Preview Download
Flataholic Plugmon Diva A flattened design for Diva with a focus on Retina displays. The big changes are: all mod knobs are put into the main panel, Static XY pad for easy morphing, and the delay effect layout is revamped. Preview Download
Illusion Suloo Hive A skin for Hive using a greenish palette. Preview Download
Diva Redux drzhnn Diva drzhnn released Redux, a complete re-thinking of Diva. Just like his Zebra Redux work, the primary goal was to change the workflow for the sound designer as well as drzhnn's own preferences. Note, this skin has undergone revisions so it's best to go to the KVR forum here and download the latest version directly. Preview Download
Pocket Modular Plugmon Zebra² "Pokemod" is a totally redesigned skin for Zebra² and ZebraHZ. EVERY MODULE has its own design. It has 4TH TAB only for OSCs, has "MINI MOD MATRIX" in the very center, and many other features that makes the user experience better. The skin is included when you purchase the "Quick EDM" Zebra² soundset. Preview Link
Toh Foo Plugmon Bazille A variant of the "Gearporn" theme, influenced with Japanese tastes. It has slider style envelopes, new PRESET manager and new EFFECTS design. Preview Download
Pokemod X & Y Plugmon Diva X&Y PAD in Diva! You can morph effects, envelopes and filters with ease. Removed the wood and put Mod Knobs instead. Knob arrangements and effects designs are changed, too. Preview Download
Diva Boutique Asylum LFO8 Diva We all read about Roland's new 'boutique' synths this weekend (or maybe you didn't) and that gave LFO8 the idea to start a new skin for Diva again. This time in the higher resolution like the latest original Diva skin with the addition of the new preference panels and everything (all the stuff from the latest beta build Diva3857). It comes close to what an actual 'boutique' could (should?) look like versus what we have seen so far with Roland's new boutique... Preview Download
Diva OBIE Asylum LFO8 Diva A skin for Diva inspired by a well-known classic synth from the early 80's. Preview Download
Ron Benvenisti Presswerk Ron Benvenisti Presswerk A back panel for Presswerk that replaces the wooden sides with metal rack ears. Preview Download
Ron Benvenisti Diva Ron Benvenisti Diva A back panel for Diva intended to complement thge dark Diva skin by Gianfranco. Preview Download
Redux drzhnn Zebra, Zebralette, ZRev After several months of work drzhnn released Redux, a complete re-thinking of Zebra, Zbralette, and ZRev. The primary goal was to change the workflow for the sound designer as well as drzhnn's own preferences. Note, this skin has undergone revisions so it's best to go to the KVR forum here and download the latest version directly. Preview Download
Spaced Out Eclectus MFM2 Electus created a completely new layout and design for More Feedback Machine 2. The design has a completely different feel to the original plugin and may be preferable to some users. Preview Download
Gianfranco's Dark Diva Gianfranco Carone Diva A dark Diva skin by Gianfranco. Preview Download
Dark Star Asylum LFO8 Diva LFO8's take on a darker skin for Diva. Preview Download
Zebra Asylum LFO8 Zebra² Two Zebra skin variants (light and dark) from LFO8. Preview Download
Orange Zebra EvilDragon Zebra² Zebralette Zebrify A skin with orange highlights for modulation targets and editing areas for Zebra, Zebralette, and Zebrify. Preview Download
Red / Blue idfpower Zebralette A striking Zebralette skin offered in both red and blue variants. Preview Download
ACE Night Shift mgelon A.C.E. Something for late nights and dark DAW themes. Preview Download
JoeCat Light Bazille JoeCat Bazille A lighter themed skin for Bazille. Preview Download
EvilDragon Zebra2 mod highlights EvilDragon Zebra² EvilDragon reworked the Zebra² skin to show modulation targets with highlighted colors. Preview Download
jasaudio TripleCheese jasaudio TripleCheese I love this free virtual synth. It is obvious that the one man U-he makes top quality products. The developer is also strongly involved in the online music community. I did this one just for fun. I wanted to give the Triple Cheese a bit more of a sophisticated look. Preview Download
Bittersweet and Lavender bluemoonone Tyrell N6 KVR user bluemoonone's first skin for Tyrell N6. Preview Download
My Little Zebracorn polyfonken Zebra² polyfonken decided there were far too many good, informative and well designed skins for Zebra² so here's My Little Zebracorn to save the day! She's wild and impolite, perfect for a little girl's first highly complex semi-modular synth plugin! Preview Download
rsmus7 Tyrell rsmus7 Tyrell N6 Seven skins for Tyrell N6. Thread Download
Redwood Transparent fluxmind Diva A slightly transparent redwood theme for Diva. Thread Download
The Great Sphynx Lady fluxmind Diva A greyscale Diva skin with Egyptian influences. Thread Download
TyrellN6 1978 (no red) Branis Tyrell N6 A variant of the 1978 skin but with no red text. Color-deficient users may find this version easier to use. Preview 1.0 | 2.0
Desaturated Diva snigelx Diva A desaturated color theme for Diva. Thread Download
TyrellN6 80s nBeat Tyrell N6 A skin for Tyrell N6 influenced by famous synths from the 1980s. Preview 1.0 | 2.0
TyrellN6 1978 Branis Tyrell N6 A striking vintage style skin for TyrellN6. Preview 1.0 | 2.0
Divalicious nBeat Diva "What if I just change these horrible red wooden side panels to some classy maple ones. Now let me see..." is what led nBeat down the proverbial rabbit-hole of skin customization for a new Diva skin...(updated for 1.3) Thread Download
Dark Diva Mescalito Diva A Darker Diva skin by Mescalito. Thread Download
Deep Blue and Blue Snake Mescalito Diva Two skins for Diva by Mescalito. Thread Download
AmbientMonkey Diva AmbientMonkey Diva Several skins by AmbientMonkey contained in one large archive (30+MB) for Diva. Thread Download
Diva Black Panes Echoes in the Attic Diva A modification of IDR's Diving Cobalt with black panes. Thread Download
Diving Cobalt IrionDaRonin Diva A cobalt blue skin for Diva by IrionDaRonin. Preview Download
Purple Leopard Ch00rD Purple Leopard This purple leopard Diva skin feels straight out of the 1980s. Preview Download
ACE Design Pack Branis A.C.E. While creating ACE Clean, Branis created this design pack to help others make skins for ACE. Please see the included readme for all the details (none) Download
ACE Clean Branis A.C.E. Branis quite likes the original skin for ACE but wanted to make a few minor touch-ups. Preview Download
Tyrell N6 IrionDaRonin Tyrell N6 IrionDaRonin has created two similar-themed skins for Tyrell N6: Extreme Danger and Broken Scratched. Preview Download
Silver Lead & Metal Ocean IrionDaRonin Zebralette & Zebra CM IrionDaRonin has created two similar-themed skins, Zebralette Silver Lead skin and CM Zebra Metal Ocean. Preview Download
Tek Edit Teksonik Tyrell N6 Teksonik's slate grey edit of Tyrell N6. Preview Download
RogB TripleCheese gamecat666 TripleCheese RogB's first skin for TripleCheese. Preview Download
Nick Moritz & Scott Kane's ACE White Magic Nick Moritz A.C.E. Nick Moritz has re-imagined Scott Kane's ACE White Magic skin. Preview Download
Nick Moritz Uhbik-A/D Nick Moritz Uhbik-A/D 2 Neo-retro themes for Uhbik-A and Uhbik-D from Nick Moritz. Preview Download
ACE White Magic scottkane A.C.E. A silver and white light theme for ACE. Preview Download
ACE Black Hell scottkane A.C.E. A dark and moody blue/black theme for ACE. Preview Download
ACE Tweaked PaulSC A.C.E. PaulSC wanted a little more visual indication which knobs in ACE are dedicated to adjusting mod depths (and in a few cases, what the associated mod targets are). So he created a mildly tweaked background pane that clarifies this and a few additional details. Preview Download
Master Control polyfonken Zebra² If you like your zebras pale, this one might be your pet, too! Preview Download
UnAn Atomic Orange Teksonik Zebra² Teksonik intensifies the UnAn skin with a liberal use of orange. Preview Download
Zebra UnAn B unangular Zebra² A modification of the UnAn skin to be monochrome. Preview Download
Zebra UnAn CRT 2 rexlapin Zebra² Revision 2 of rexlapin's CRT skin. While still a darker skin much of the text has been lightened. Teksonik collaborated on this skin as well. Preview Download
Monolith Howard Zebra² A variant of Zebra UnAn with orange overtones. Preview Download
Zebra UnAn CRT rexlapin Zebra² A variant of Zebra UnAn with green overtones. Preview Download
Zebra UnAn unangular Zebra² A darker skin with red overtones and a custom arpeggiator layout. Preview Download
Zebra Noir xh3rv Zebra² Zebra Noir is a complete re-skin of Zebra². Uhbiks certainly were the inspiration for this idea. Preview Download
The Other Dark Horse kamalayka Zebra² A darker, greyer skin inspired by the Dark Horse skin. Preview Download
Pac Man Knobs tinkerpixel ZRev A grey and yellow skin for ZRev giving some love to Pac Man knobs. :) Preview Download
ZRev Pack unangular ZRev 6 unique skins for ZRev. Preview Download
Switched On Polybius Zebra² Released as a part of the Switched on Preset bank by Polybius. Preview Download