Name Author Description Download
Repro Bjulin Repro is a nice big pack of 100 patches for Satin's delay mode. Satin brings the tape delay to the next level. Use standard tempo-synced delays, super wide spaces or add some character by using the confusor patches. All the presets are categorized so you can find your needed preset fast. Use satin in a send-channel as these patches were designed as wet patches. Send your signal at 0db and use Satin's input knob to adjust the presence. Download
Roland Space Echo RE-201 Compyfox The idea is to recreate a Roland RE-201 Space Echo within the SATIN platform. This preset pack is heavily reliant on the sound design of SATIN's Service panel. Download
WEM/Watkins Copycat Mk IV Compyfox The idea is to recreate a WEM or better said Charly Watkins Copycat Mk IV Tape Echo unit within the SATIN platform. Download