More Feedback Machine 2
Name Author Description Download
Stalactites blortblort 101 free presets for MFM2. Download
MFM Tuned Drones Krakatau Several presets exploring tuned drone chords in MFM2 (kvr thread here). Download
Tape Delay and Reverb soundpalace A bionic delay and reverb with lots of flexibility. Read the KVR post here for more information. Download
Sampleconstruct Patchpool Sampleconstruct 9 presets by Simon Stockhausen for MFM2. Download
MFM Chords Krakatau 9 presets of of similar sympathetic resonances targeting different chords (kvr thread here). Download
Time Manipulation 4 MFM justin3am Creative timestretching and reversing presets (kvr thread here). Download
3am MFM justin3am 24 unconventional MFM2 presets (kvr thread here). Download
Subz MFM2 djsubject 26 MFM2 presets Download
10 Steps to Mangle vieris A self-automated mangler template for your own FX. Download