Name Author Device Description Download
FSVA Propack 1.8 Team DNR FSVA FSVA Propack is a set of 128 professional instrument patches for u-he’s Filterscape VA synthesizer. Filterscape VA is a surprisingly powerful synthesizer with some unique features which allow you to create and transform sound very quickly and easily. FSVA Propack comes organized in 10 categories. (www) Download
Torben Hansen FSVA metal FSVA Torben Hansen is saying goodbye to Filterscape and has released 50+ Filterscape VA presets for everyone to enjoy. Download
Vernon Reid's FS Set Vernon Reid FS These are 100+ effects presets for Filterscape by Vernon Reid. Get your guitars out! Download
JSolium VA JacK_SoliuM FSVA 110+ patches (FX, Noize, and others) Download
xmas 2006 tasmaniandevil FS, FSVA Christmas 2006 present from tas. Download
Secrets of the Arpeggiator Jim Aikin FSVA Jim Aikin's O'Reilly "Secrets of the Arpeggiator" FSVA presets. Download
luCiPHer 2 luCiPHer FSVA A few more FSVA presets. Download
smoo FSVA smoo FS, FSVA The patches smoo built for Filterscape were designed on his analog modular hardware monsters before he transferred them into the digital realm, making use of FSVA's snapshot equalizer to match the sonic character of his analog gear. These are the presets used in the demo song (plus some more, 20 in total). fxp | au
Economical FSVA various FSVA An additional bank of FSVA presets, containing over 400 extra presets made with the KEYBOARDS special edition synth Podolski from issue 7/05 of German KEYBOARDS magazine. These are exceptionally economic on cpu, nonetheless pretty good stuff! fxp | au