Name Author Description Download
Lean and Mean Ploki 25 presets, some gritty while others are cozy and a few are a bit out there. Download
Quarantine (Various) The COVID-19 lockdown prompted a few KVR users to get together and make a soundset for Bazille. It then expanded to any u-he synth and currently has over 160 presets. Download
mclstr Bazille 2 mclstr 111 freebies for all Bazille users. Download
mclstr Bazille mclstr 61 freebies for all Bazille users. Download
Electrons Demo Complex 12 patches showcasing the commercial soundset: Electrons. Download
Valhalla Demo Complex 8 patches showcasing the commercial soundset: Valhalla. Download
exm Christmas exmatproton A Christmas present of 30 Bazille presets by exmatproton. Download
Bombazille bsam Carefully programmed set of 64 quality presets, designed for performance and soundtrack. Each of them is very responsive for MIDI informations such as velocity and ModWheel. Some of the patches included are already award winners of the Bazille Patch Competitions provided by u-he (Penizille, Land of Bazille, 6th Element). Download
The Unfinished u-he Synth Contest Pack The Unfinished Free soundpack from "The Unfinished u-he Synth Contest". There are 20 presets for each of the following synths: Bazille, Diva, Podolski, Tyrell N6, Zebra, Zebralette. Download
ZaBong One ZaBong 38 free presets for Bazille from ZaBong. Download
Bazille Freebies Totolitoto 89 free presets for Bazille from DavidF of DF-AUDIO. Download
Terror RedChameau A terrifying preset for Bazille created on accident. Feel free to never use it. :) Download
Bazille 2014 Jeff 75 presets for Bazille by Jeff. Be sure to try the modwheel as several sounds use it. Download
FXB Project Bazille The FXB Project 54 presets by by The FXB Project for Bazille. Enjoy! Download
Bactérie Volume 2 RedChameau 52 presets by RedChameau for Bazille. Enjoy! Download
Lightness demo Adrian Jimenez 8 presets showcasing sounds from the commercial Lightness soundset. Download
Bactérie Volume 1 RedChameau 53 presets by RedChameau for Bazille. Enjoy! Download
What is Valis Bazille V1 demo Whatisvalis 14 presets to demo the What is Valis Bazille V1 soundset. Download
Mindhacker's Notebook early demo Xenos 8 presets created by Xenos during his early explorations into Bazille. Download
V0RT3X Bazille 001 V0RT3X 7 presets showcasing nasty sounds in Bazille. Download
Rob Lee Bazille Rob Lee 50 presets for Bazille by Rob Lee. Enjoy! Download
V0RT3X FM V0RT3X Two presets showcasing different aspects of Bazille: an FM sequenced bass and an evolving FM drone. Download
necrotizing fasciitis justin3am 101 patches for u-he's Bazille by Justin 3AM. Lots of defective and unstable sounds as well as other interesting features. Read more about them at KVR. Download
m@RV kcd1961 KVR user kcd1961 has created 80+ presets for Bazille he wants to share with everyone and he hopes people will find them useful. Download
Alfa210 Bazille Alfa210 9 presets plus 9 sequencer templates for Bazille by Alfa210. Download
Infection Bronto Scorpio Infection is a collection of 128 unique sounds for u-he Bazille. The included presets range from digital pads to punchy drums to crazy modular madness and beyond. Download
Yaiya pdxindy A haunting vocal effect preset by KVR user pdxindy. Download
Bazille Patch Contest 1: Bacteria Party (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create any preset for Bazille alpha 0.4+. (See KVR thread here) Download
ctrls Bazille 0.6 ctrls 95 presets of straightforward, usable sounds for Bazille alpha 0.4+. Download
Bazille Test Bronto Scorpio Bronto made some presets while he tested Bazille. Try velocity, aftertouch, modwheel and pitchbend on all the patches. They are not assigned on every patch though (velocity doesn't make much sense on sequences etc.). P.S.: The "Stupid Beat" preset makes him laugh every time. :) Download
Matchbox 001 rumba_codex 25 presets for Bazille. Some of these are a bit of a joke in the programming department (you'll see why) but they should work quite well for neo-grimehop or futurist-industrial line dancing etc. Download
Basic Bazille V3 GeorgeZ A small, basic bank of 51 presets for Bazille 0.3alpha. Download

Name Author Description Download
ThP Beatzille ThP 60 presets for BeatZille by ThP. (registration required) (Link)
Beatzille Teksonik 01 Teksonik 30 presets for BeatZille by Teksonik. Download
BeatZille Serie 1 Jeff 52 presets for BeatZille by Jeff. Be sure to use modwheel! Download