A.C.E. - Any Cable Everywhere
Name Author Description Download
Exemplar 2 pummel Round 2: 37 additional Classic Sound patches for ACE Download
Exemplar pummel 24 polished, highly playable Classic Sound patches for ACE Download
Mun Mtshams 2 KyhoN KyhoN's return to ACE for another round of weird and wonderful sounds. Download
Mun Mtshams KyhoN Eclectic sound designer KyhoN's first freebie set for ACE. Download
Ace of Spades Sonus Dept. Ace of Spades features 40 presets able to fit different music genres. A careful selection of powerful basses, deep pads, sound FX, industrial percussions and many more can find its way in your next EDM hit as well as in your experimental soundtrack. Each preset has a brief but informative description of the sound you can get from it and suggestions on how to use it. Download
Aluminium electrique RedChameau A delightful electronic piano patch for ACE. Download
Matrice RedChameau 59 free presets for ACE, a bit of everything with a strong emphasis on pads and organoïds. There are also keys, basses and leads, and even "Horrible Failures" which might be an interesting starting point for exploration. Download
Textur demo Coincidental Music 4 presets showcasing the sounds found in the commercial soundset Textur. Download
enryoki ACE enryoki 14 presets by enryoki with an ear towards old, analogue-style sounds. Fans of Boards of Canada should appreciate these. Download
Dan Worrall ACE Tutorials Dan Worrall All the presets used in Dan's excellent 4-part ACE Youtube tutorials: 1 2 3 4 Download
ACE Symmetry Pro DNR Collaborative Once a commercial soundset, the DNR Collaborative has set it free for everyone. Download
ACE Animated elxsound Once a commercial soundset, elxsound has now released all 225 presets for free to everyone. Read more here. Download
ACE Motion elxsound Once a commercial soundset, elxsound has now released all 142 presets for free to everyone. Read more here. Download
Hansi's ACE Patches hansiwalker KVR user hansiwalker loves ACE, it's the only synth he actually likes to make patches on. This set contains 25 of what he considers are his better patches. Enjoy! Download
ACE does Buchla justin3am This is just 7 patches but there is some high weirdness in there. Most of these patches either use the filters or the LFOs as the primary sound sources. Check out the aggro-waveshaping patch and mess with the mapping generator while holding a note. Play with the crosstalk parameter on the randumbfmseq patch. Mess with the Waveform parameter for VCO1 on the ACEe patch. When you play the filter perc patch, start with your modwheel turned all the way up. Download
Sad Symphony JoeCat KVR user JoeCat created a hauntingly beautiful track with one ACE preset and was kind enough to share it. (track here) Download
Need a Name thecolorspace KVR user thecolorspace released 10 ambient presets for ACE. Enjoy! Download
APC 3: Modular Madness (various) The 'task' for this contest was to create patches that fall into the modular madness category. Voting/results can be found here. Download
APC 2: poly is for whimps (various) 18 presets by various authors for ACE. The 'task' for this contest was to create patches that only used mono, retrigger, legato, or duophonic mode. Voting/results can be found here. Download
Matchbox 001 rumba_codex 40 presets for A.C.E. Some of these are a bit of a joke in the programming department (you'll see why) but they should work quite well for neo-grimehop or futurist-industrial line dancing etc. Download
Symmetry Pro Demobank TeamDNR 12 presets by TeamDNR showcasing the Symmetry Pro commercial soundset. Download
APC 1: Mixed bag (various) 32 presets by various authors for ACE in this first patch contest. Voting/results can be found here. Download
ACETONE tasmaniandevil ACETONE is a set of 70 sounds for ACE which, next to 50 free presets, also includes 10 fully functional demo-presets from each of the two commercial soundsets (ACE CREAM and ACCELERATOR). Download
ACEcapism xh3rv A goal was a variety of stuff - usable, useful, inspirational, amusing, surprising, and xh3rv guarantees you'll get at least one of those adjectives satisfied or your money back. (just kidding, it's free!) Download
CableBass Cyforce CableBass by CFA Sound contains 32 bass presets for A.C.E. The soundset is useful in minimal, electro and tech-house. Evolving subs, percussive basses or raw and wild drifting electro basses showcase A.C.E.'s excellent sound. (mp3 demo here) Download
Will's ACE Presets willum070 Will's first humble contribution to the A.C.E. user community. He hopes you find at least one of the 28 presets useful or inspiring. Download
CableDrum Cyforce CableDrum by CFA Sound is a free percussion set for A.C.E. This small soundset is mainly designed for minimal and tech-house. It contains knocking drums & percussion, raw basses, a few exoctic groove-sequences and silky but also scruffy synthsounds. Download
Odds and Sods aMUSEd 50 patches for u-he ACE: this contains the "nicer" sounds left over from the first 21 plus a lot more. These are all acousticish, leads and bass sounds and are mostly simple patches with an emphasis on playability, many use hardly any cables. Download
ACE Drums brick 5 electronic percussion sounds done in ACE. Useful as a starting point for several drum machine style sounds. Download
Heavy Industry aMUSEd 50 patches for u-he ACE: dedicated to dark ambient, heavy metal(lic), horror and industrial/factory sounds. No pads, mostly noisy fx and lots of modular madness. Play loud in a darkened room. Download
aMUSEd ACE 21 aMUSEd 21 presets; no pads - these are nearly all made using ACE as the modular monster it's intended. The emphasis is on huge dark ambient and noise FX and basses. Lots of interesting use of the mod mapper. There are Couple of cordless (except for MW) patches thrown in for contrast. Download
DocT ACE Sounds DocT DocT's first gear acquision of 2010 was ACE so he decided to make 150 patches for everyone. In it you will find modular madness most of the time, a lot of bubbling, boiling, tweeting and so on. He also posted a demo of him using the presets here. Download
Audio Rate PWM Urs Urs shows off one of his favorite tricks with A.C.E.: Audio Rate pulse width modulation. Download
uk-music ACE uk-music 12 ACE presets from uk-music. Download
PaulSC ACE PaulSC 28 presets from PaulSC showcasing ACE. Download
Hlis93 38 Snaps Hlis93 38 presets from Hlis93 of varying styles and sounds. Download
aMUSEd's 100 aMUSEd 100 presets for ACE, some very DX sounds, huge leads and basses too. Download